How to make a statement with the right necklace style

January 29, 2015

The right necklace style is often all you need to kick up your outfit a notch and make a bold statement. To help you decide, here are the most popular choices.

How to make a statement with the right necklace style

It's the little extra that can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary – the perfect necklace that complements your outfit and sends your confidence soaring! But it has to be just right, because anything less just won't do. Yet with so many choices sometimes choosing can be tough, so here are some popular styles to help you decide.

Necklace types

There are as many women’s necklace designs as there are women, ranging from those exquisitely crafted with precious metals and stones, to elaborate or simple fashion jewellery made from inexpensive materials.

Sterling silver and gold chains come in all sorts of link styles from light to heavy.

  • They tend to be pricey, but there are lots of good imitation versions to suit more modest budgets.

A pendant is a focal piece that hangs on a chain or a cord.

  • It can be anything from the popular tiny heart to a big and bold decorative piece.

Beaded strands
Strings of beads, sometimes knotted and sometimes separated by metal connectors, come in precious, semi-precious and other materials like glass, plastic and clay.

  • Timeless pearl necklaces fall into this category.
  • Genuine pearls are highly-priced but good faux pearls are readily available.

Lockets have delighted women for centuries!

  • Designed to contain loved ones’ photos and sometimes strands of hair, they are usually oval or heart-shaped and often feature an engraved pattern on the face.

A choker encircles the base of the neck.

  • They can be simple metal bands or elaborately beaded and bejewelled necklaces that wrap the neck.

Necklace materials

It goes without saying that what the necklace is made from will influence price and durability.

Precious metals
Gold, silver and platinum are the most common precious metals found in necklaces.

  • When choosing such a metal, ask about weight, purity and current market worth.
  • Gold jewellery is measured in carats – the higher the number, the purer it is, the more it costs.

Gemstones come in many colours – red rubies, blue sapphires, green emeralds and white, yellow and pink diamonds.

  • The best diamonds have near perfect colour, cut, clarity and carats, for which you’ll pay dearly.

Costume jewellery
Made from non-precious metals and stones, costume jewellery necklaces can be stunning, but at much more affordable prices.

  • Incorporated into costume jewellery may be such natural elements as pieces of coral, wood and coloured glass to give it a distinctive look.

Other considerations

Apart from materials and style are other aspects to consider when looking for the perfect necklace. The length should be proportional to your build; match your outfit; feel comfortable for you to wear and, above all, be a length that you like.

Necklace length is usually a matter of taste.

  • The most common lengths are the 16-inch choker, 18-inch princess, and the really long opera at 30 to 35 inches.

Chain style
Chains come in an assortment of link styles, the most notable being:

  • Rope chains with small interlocking links.
  • Box chains with squared links instead of round.
  • Curb chains that interlock and lie flat.

A good rule of thumb

When it comes to choosing a necklace, in general:

  • Pearl and precious stone necklaces are elegant additions to formal wear.
  • Simple chains or beaded necklaces work better for more casual wear.
  • Pendants and lockets are appropriate at any time.

Whatever your need or the occasion, the right necklace is truly subject to personal taste and budget. If money’s no object, the choices are endless. However, if cost is an issue, beautiful costume jewellery is definitely the way to go.

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