Kids' Games: How to Skateboard, Hula Hoop and Throw a Frisbee

July 28, 2015

Kids' games: how to skateboard, hula hoop and throw a frisbee

Oh, to be a kid again. One of the best things about childhood is the carefree games kids play. The following tips will show you how to properly play some childhood favourites: the skateboard, the Hula Hoop and throwing a Frisbee.

Kids' Games: How to Skateboard, Hula Hoop and Throw a Frisbee

1. Throw a Frisbee

  1. First you need to get the grip right. Your thumb rests on top of the Frisbee, your index finger lies along the curved rim and the other three fingers support the disk underneath.
  2. With this grip, curl your arm in towards your body, holding the Frisbee level with the ground. Point your shoulder towards your target.
  3. With a smooth and swift action, uncurl your arm and hand. Release the Frisbee at the last moment, as your arm becomes completely straight.
  4. The Frisbee should fly true and level to the catcher, who should pluck it out of the air by grabbing the rim.

2. Get on board with skateboarding

As with skating and bicycling, everything in skateboarding is easier once you're balanced.

  • All beginners fall off their skateboards, so invest in knee and elbow pads and a helmet. Specialized skateboarding shoes, designed to grip the board, might make the early stages easier for you.
  • First, get balanced. Stand, feet apart, on the flat section of the board. Your dominant foot should be at the front, or "nose," of the skateboard (this end is usually curved up slightly higher than the tail end). Place your feet at right angles to the length of the board, and turn body and head towards the front.
  • To "roll," or move forwards, angle your front foot towards the nose, and use your back foot to push, as with a child's scooter. When you pick up speed, put both feet on the board and adopt the balancing position.
  • To steer, move your centre of gravity to one side of the board or the other. Shift your weight to the right, and you'll go into a wide, right-hand turn. To slow down, lean towards the back of the board.

3. Impress with a hula hoop

Hula hooping is fun and challenging. It's also a great form of exercise, providing a low-intensity work-out, increasing both strength and flexibility .Choose a size and weight of hoop that feels comfortable. It should be between stomach and chest height when you stand it on the floor in front of you. A child's hoop from a toy shop is no good for an adult. A large hoop is great for a beginner, as it will spin more slowly, giving you more time to get the feel of the technique.

Getting the hoop habit

The aim is to use the momentum of your body to keep the hoop revolving around it. For a great toning exercise, as you become proficient, alternate the direction of spin.

  • Stand with one foot a little forward and hold the hoop with both hands, horizontally against the small of your back.
  • Give it a whirl in your preferred direction to set it in motion and raise your forearms. As the hoop crosses your belly, thrust your hips forward (don't circle them). Round and round goes the hoop as you thrust your hips and belly forward then pull back, slightly bending and straightening the forward leg to shift your weight.

Following these simple guidelines will aid in learning the basics of some childhood favourites.

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