4 ways to kiss dry winter lips goodbye

Winter doesn't have to mean dry lips. Find out what treatment options there are to help you soothe those painful winter lips.

4 ways to kiss dry winter lips goodbye

1. Exfoliate your lips

The same principles of skin exfoliation apply to the lips. Your pout may be classified as a more sensitive area of the face but it does require the same basic care.

  • Start off by purchasing a gentle lip scrub rather than a facial one. The skin on the lips is so sensitive that you should take care to use a product that won’t harm them, but will help gently remove the driest outer layer carefully, allowing the smoother layer to shine through.
  • You can also try making your own lip scrub by combining honey, sugar and coconut oil. Bonus: it tastes great and will leave your lips with a sweet aftertaste.

2. Apply lip balm day and night

Be sure to apply a hydrating lip balm every time you apply your moisturizer and don’t skip out on it at night either.

  • In fact, you can opt for an even heavier hydrating product at night, like petroleum jelly.
  • In the daytime, apply a thin layer of lip balm before applying lip colour to ensure the lips are protected and hydrated at all times.
  • Regular use of proper hydrating products will keep the lips looking softer and smoother all day long.

3. Use products with naturally hydrating ingredients

Natural products like mango oil, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe and coconut butter are all ingredients known for their hydrating properties and long-lasting effects.

  • Plus, these are ingredients that won’t just solve the problem right now, but with continued use, can help create a long-term fix.
  • They naturally penetrate the lips and provide lasting hydration without irritation, a common culprit of certain cosmetic agents.

4. Wear SPF

Lip balms with SPF are crucial for treating dry lips, especially in the winter.

  • Though the cooler weather may fool us into thinking UV rays aren’t a risk factor, they are damaging all year round.
  • Lip balms containing SPF help protect your sensitive pout from the drying and aging effects of the sun.
  • It will act as a barrier by keeping sun damage out and moisture in.

You don't have to be uncomfortable this winter. These treatment options can help you kiss those dry lips goodbye.

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