Kitchen appliances you can automate

November 3, 2015

Automating parts of your kitchen can be friendly to the environment, help you save energy costs and keep your home safer. Here are some ways you can help automate appliances in your kitchen.

Kitchen appliances you can automate

1. Water and waste management

  • Many futuristic kitchens have complete water and waste management systems that can help you take care of the storage and processing of both liquids and waste in your kitchen.
  • The appliances are able to break down glass to reduce waste, and also feature a double sink with reservoirs and pitchers that can recycle kitchen water into water for flowers and plants.
  • They can also come with a contraption that can crush cans and water bottles to help make them easier to recycle.

2. Multimedia kitchen

  • Some new kitchen systems offer a multimedia interface to allow you to have an interactive touch screen in your kitchen.
  • Through the touch screen you can surf the web, play music, look up recipes, check your email and also control various kitchen appliances.
  • You can even link the system up to your phone or mobile device in order to get updates about the status of your dishwasher or whether or not you forgot to turn of your oven.

3. Stove top

  • If you have kids in the house, you have probably worried about forgetting the stove top or if they have accidentally turned it on.
  • By automating your stove top, you can check in remotely in order to see whether it is on or off. If you leave for the office and aren't sure you remembered to turn it off, you can log into your account to check the status without having to turn back home to see for yourself.

4. Lights

  • Automating your kitchen lights is a great way to help you save energy. Setting your kitchen lights to a timer means that they will be on when you're up in the morning and off when you head to bed at night. This means that even if you forget to flip the switch, you still won't be paying for them on your electricity bill.
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