Know the rules for wearing sequins and glitter

January 4, 2015

Sequins are synonymous with all things glamour. While the holidays are traditionally the time of year to dress up in glitter, times change and bling has become less fussy and more commonplace.

Whatever the occasion, keep in mind that when you wear a garment set in sequin, moderation is the key. A little glitz goes a long way, and overdoing it will diminish the overall effect you’re going for. Here's your definitive guide to pulling it off.

Attention to curves

Since sequins are comprised of shiny disks sewn into fabric, know that its texture and heavy embroidery will add volume to your curves. Take this into account when choosing an outfit meant to flatter your figure.

That being said, sequins are not strictly reserved for waif silhouettes. Looking great in sequins is all about balancing the outfit. For example, do you have full hips? If so, choose a sequined top. On the other hand, if you have a prominent bust, a sequined skirt or trouser will create a lovely symmetry.

Too much is like too little

  • To wear sequins, you need to keep it simple by balancing the rest of the outfit with solid and opaque colours. It would be a mistake to dress in head-to-toe glitter. For the best impact, limit your sequins to a single colour and let that statement piece do the talking. If you’re wearing a sequined dress, avoid a glittery shoe or matching handbag.
  • A silver or gold dress with black opaque tights looks spectacular but balanced. A small black evening bag or clutch coordinated with your shoe completes the look.
  • Calibrate shiny and ornate details with a minimalist approach by wearing a sequin dress with bare legs.If you can brave the temperature, keep in mind that sequins looks best with tanned legs, otherwise the embellishment will make your legs look even paler.

Accessorize wisely

You need to exercise a little modesty and restraint when choosing accessories to coordinate with sequins. Gold earrings with a shiny golden dress may be overwhelming. Shiny palettes lend instant glam, but to pull it together you need to anchor it with understated accessories. Aim for an effortlessly cool look by mixing things up to create a part dressy, part laissez-faire attitude.

It’s a fashion faux pas to double-down on the sparkle. The right match is a balancing act, so play with different textures and fabrics to find the right backdrop for your sequin shorts or dress.

Know the rules for wearing sequins and glitter
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