How to choose a real estate agent who will get you your price

When it comes to buying or selling a home, a real estate agent who knows the market value of properties in your neighbourhood and who can flip sales fast is what you need. So how can you ensure you're getting one who can get the price you want?

How to choose a real estate agent who will get you your price

To choose the best broker, you first need to look at their education, experience and references. But in addition to an agent’s extensive knowledge of the market, he or she should have some other qualities, too. Here are other things to help make sure you're getting the right agent for your needs.

1. Talk to several agents

Shop around. Your real estate agent will be taking a commission when your house sells, so make sure it’s someone who deserves it.

Meet with three or four people in person before you make your choice. Why? You want to make sure they’re compatible with you and your views. When you meet, pay particular attention to the following things:

  • Their ability to hear and understand your needs
  • Your level of well-being when you’re in their company
  • Their knowledge of the real estate market
  • Their commitment and enthusiasm

2. Beware of a bargain

Don’t just sign on with an agent who comes up with a blinding price for your home and a low commission without taking the time to learn more. Someone who assures you you’ll get more for less had better offer plenty of facts to back up the claim. Be especially wary of agents who make the following moves:

  • They assess your property at the first meeting.
  • They assert that Internet ads, newspaper ads or multiple listing services are unnecessary.
  • They’re willing to lower their commission five minutes into the first meeting, just so you’ll sign the contract they’re waving at you.

A conscientious real estate agent takes the time to thoroughly research the market value of a property. They’ll know how to advertise the listing so you get the optimal number of visits from potential buyers. The agent will be ready to negotiate a commission; this is a good time to evaluate their negotiating skills.

3. Ask questions

Don’t be shy about asking any questions that come to mind. Don’t forget these ones:

  • Are you familiar with our neighbourhood? What houses do you have for sale nearby?
  • How will you showcase our property?
  • What do you know about the value of renovations? What do you suggest for our home?
  • What is your commission rate? What commission sharing will you do if a broker is representing the buyers?
  • What would be the terms of our contract?
  • Are you part of the Canadian Real Estate Association? (CREA is an organization of more than 100,000 brokers; it offers at least a minimal guarantee of certain professional standards.)
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