Local vs. online florists: comparing the pros and cons

November 24, 2014

Trying to figure out the best way to send someone flowers can be a headache. Here's a guideline to help simplify your choice between local and online florists.
You’d like to send some flowers. Do you go with the convenience of ordering online? Or the personal touch of a local florist? Both local and online florists have pros and cons, depending on your needs, budget and timing.
Local florist
Pros: There’s no getting around the fact that when you order your flowers directly from a local florist, you’re helping a small business grow. If the florist is in your neighbourhood, it’s easy to pop in and see the selection with your own eyes, rather than trusting that the gorgeous bouquet you’ve selected online will actually look the same when delivered by an online florist.

As well, developing a relationship with a local florist can really be helpful in times of need. For example, a local florist might keep track of your mother’s birthday and send you a reminder email a week before to see if you'd like to send the usual bouquet.

Cons: Physically going to a flower shop, waiting in line, choosing the flowers, and then waiting for them to be arranged may cost time you don’t have in your day. That’s when ordering online becomes an asset. If your local florist doesn’t offer that service, they may lose your business.

As well, smaller local florists may not have the staff to guarantee same-day delivery, while most of the online florists can accommodate short-notice orders.

Online florist

Pros: Did we mention same-day delivery? Perfect when you suddenly remember it’s your anniversary or need to quickly send out a bereavement bouquet. Also a great option when you’re not in the same city as the recipient.

Shopping from the convenience of the computer has become the norm for many people, so when a couple of quick clicks can complete the transaction, ordering flowers online seems to be the perfect option.

Many of the larger online companies are actually just taking the orders and sending them to local florists in the area to arrange and deliver. This provides good business for local florists.

Cons: If your local florist is NOT a part of this online network, they will struggle to survive.

Ordering online may be convenient, but it also makes buying flowers a basic transaction like paying a phone bill. Sending someone flowers should take thought and care. Choosing the flowers yourself and (gasp!) hand-delivering them to the recipient shows a lot more love.

When you order your flowers from a website, there’s no guarantee that the bouquet is going to show up as perfect as it looked online. And how are you going to know? The recipient probably isn't going to complain, because hey, they just got flowers. Plus, they didn't see the original picture. But they may quietly judge you for sending wilted roses in a shabby box.

Local vs. online florists: comparing the pros and cons
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