The best looks for long hair

November 18, 2013

In the hands of a professional stylist, an up-to-the-minute long hairstyle can be done on any length or texture. Here are three suggestions.

The best looks for long hair
  • Whether your long locks are thick and frizzy or fine and flat, there’s no end to the ideas for long hairstyles.
  • Sensual waviness, rebellious curls, a messy-look updo or French braids, which look tempts you today? Easy! It’s the one that makes you feel beautiful.

1. Bun

  • A classic long hairstyle for the office or spectacular for an evening of dancing, a bun enhances any kind of look.
  • Channel your inner beauty with elegant and impeccable updos. Try a high bun combined with bangs and you’re sure to turn heads.

2. Ponytail

  • Worn high, a ponytail somehow manages to be both youthful and sophisticated.
  • For a finished look, separate a strand of hair from the ponytail and wind it round the elastic to hide it. The ultimate in chic is a ponytail pin-up.
  • And just what is that? Even though it looks like a bun, it is in fact a ponytail with the tips pinned up. It’s what’s hot right now.

3. Curly—by half

  • Are you ready to try a unique glamorous look? Ask your hair stylist to curl your hair from the chin down.
  • Combined with a very low part on the side, and with the hair slicked back behind the ears, this is a great way to highlight your long hair.

A few tips for looking after long hair

Brush frequently:

  • Brush your hair every day so that it remains strong, shiny and free of knots.
  • Brushing removes dead skin cells and impurities that can dull the hair.
  • To avoid drying hair out, consider skipping the daily washing and wearing hair up every other day.
  • Have the ends trimmed regularly to remove split ends.

Invest in good quality products:

  • Use the high quality shampoos, serums and conditioners recommended by your hair stylist in order to maintain your most beautiful of assets.
  • Hold your bottle of hair spray at least 20 centimetres from your head to preserve your hair’s natural movement and avoid a starched look.

Maintain a balanced diet:

  • Long hair is more fragile than short hair. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are essential for shining locks.
  • A vitamin B deficiency and a diet lacking in proteins weaken the fibres and make hair more brittle.

Fashionistas can take advantage of long hairstyles no matter what shape of face they have. Light waves, bangs, braids—everything’s allowed.

What is important is to provide balance to the face and to highlight the eyes. If you’re short on ideas for styling your long hair, ask your hairdresser for some advice, and be sure to take notes.

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