Longevity tips for fountains and water features

July 29, 2015

Lawn ornaments and water features add a sense of serenity to a landscaped backyard — but not when they look worn out. Here's how to preserve, winterize, and repair your fountains and water features to keep them running.

Longevity tips for fountains and water features

Renew concrete fountains

  • Slow the aging of concrete fountains by brushing on a coat of concrete sealer, available at most home centres and hardware stores.
  • If your fountain is badly stained and discoloured, you may want to paint it with an acrylic paint formulated for masonry.
  • Two coats will generally have it looking like new.
  • Or if you like the fresh concrete look, blast your fountain with a pressure washer. The water pressure alone is often enough to lift dirt and grime.

Winterize fountains and lawn ornaments

  • If you live in a harsh climate and can store your fountain or birdbath indoors for the winter, do so.
  • Use burlap layered between masonry components to prevent accidental scratches and chipping.
  • If you must leave lawn ornaments outdoors, drain them thoroughly and cover with a waterproof tarp.

Rid fountains of unsightly mineral buildup

  • Fountain bowls are susceptible to mineral buildup because of the constant splashing and evaporation.
  • Specially-formulated fountain cleaners and lime removers will remove the scale if used on a regular basis and restore your fountain to its original splendour.
  • You can purchase these products at a pond supply dealer or online.

Use epoxy to fix damaged fountains

  • A fallen branch or unexpected freeze may cause your fountain (or lawn ornament) to break or chip.
  • Most breaks can be repaired with epoxy glue or, if there is missing material, an epoxy patching compound.
  • The surfaces to be rejoined must be clean and dry. Let the repair cure for at least 24 hours before putting your fountain back into service.
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