Specialty items for people with arthritis

Specialty items for people with arthritis

If you or a loved one suffer from joint pain due to rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, there are some specialty items available that can help lessen the pain and allow a person suffering from arthritis to live more comfortably.

Specialty items for people with arthritis

Basic needs

Specialty items such as a long-handled reaching tool can help with daily tasks such as putting on socks.

Someone with arthritis can benefit from using coiled elastic shoelaces that fasten by twisting rather than tying. There are items specially made with larger handles to allow for a better grip such as toothbrushes, paring knives, writing aids and TV remotes. There are also special attachments for wall light switches to make them easier to use.

To assist with sitting and standing, you can place risers under the legs of chairs and sofas to make it easier on your joints.


For people with the desire to garden, there are tools specifically created to help make gardening as easy and painless as possible. Garden tools can be made with handles that are vertical rather than horizontal, making gripping the tool easier. To avoid kneeling or squatting, invest in long-reach handles on trowels, rakes, brooms and dustpans, which can be used while standing.

Splints and braces

There are a variety of splints that can be fitted for any area of the body. For instance, braces fitted for the hands can secure the thumbs in a manner that eases pain while allowing the rest of the hand to move normally. Special fitted-to-you back braces for the arthritic back/spine provide added support when you need it. Knees, elbows, wrists and ankles can be further supported with the use of braces and splints.

Aids for driving can be as simple as an implement to reach the seat belt, a swivel cushion on the seat or a variety of bars that can be installed to help make getting in and out of the car a smoother process.

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