Look no further! Four tips to help you find a nurse

It is important to seek out the best available services when your health is in question. But the problem is that we are often in the dark about where to find the good quality nursing care that the situation calls for.
Define your needs

Before you can even begin your search, you’ll have to establish your needs. Some health problems do not require a doctor’s care; if you could just find a nurse to speak to, he or she could probably answer your questions. If nursing care is necessary, knowing about the different types of nurses will help you get the answers you need, whether you’re at home or at the medical clinic.

Three professions

In Canada there are three types of regulated nurses.

  • Registered nurses. These professionals are specialized and highly independent; they work with patients in stable or unstable condition. In addition to providing basic care, their duties include assessing pain levels, treating wounds, and verifying laboratory test results. They may also choose to specialize in various fields, such as surgery or obstetrics.
  • Registered practical nurses. These nurses provide care to patients whose condition is stable, and they usually work under the supervision of registered nurses. They provide basic care, including taking vital signs, administering medications, and applying sterile bandages.
  • Registered psychiatric nurses. This mental health specialization is most commonly found in the western provinces.

There are several ways to find a nurse

1. Organizations. Depending on the nature of your request, organizations that are involved with the health sector are often able to help you. If they cannot help you find a nurse, they will direct you towards the right resources.

2. Associations and professional bodies. Check the Internet sites of associations or professional bodies in your area; they often provide a directory to help you find resources in your region. Your provincial department of health can also be very helpful.

3. Clinics. Phone your local medical clinic to find out if you can meet with a nurse or if she is able to answer your questions.

4. Your network of contacts. We often call on our friends when we are on the lookout for a new restaurant; why not use the same method to find a nurse? In addition, this process has a significant advantage—contrary to professional directories, a friend can give you an evaluation of the nurse’s work and bedside manner.

With all this advice, you now have some direction about how to find a nurse. The next time the need arises, you will be all set!

Look no further! Four tips to help you find a nurse
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