Luxury hostels: a money-saving option without the sacrifice

Most people don’t know about luxury hostels: compared to even the most basic of hotels, they're a great money-saving option for accommodations that won't force you to sacrifice comfort or quality for price.

Luxury hostels: a money-saving option without the sacrifice

What is a luxury hostel?

When you hear the word hostel, usually what comes to mind is a college backpacking trip in Europe on a tiny budget.

  • The truth is, there are many luxury hostels around the globe: these hidden gems offer you the benefit of low prices via shared lodging, and aren’t grimy.
  • In fact, they offer the best in bedding, beautifully designed rooms, and even provide luxury hygiene products!

The value of hostel lodging

Thanks to the growing eco-conscious movement, more developers are creating eye-catching luxury hostels.

  • Shared lodging not only saves money, but reduces the carbon footprint of the traveller and hotel. This is especially attractive if travelling "green" matters to you.
  • If you enjoy meeting new people, a luxury hostel can be an optimal choice. With beautiful shared accommodations, you can become social with fellow travellers and exchange stories and tips.
  • Plus, if you want to save some money without risking your safety or hygiene, a luxury hostel could be an option.

What to expect: luxury hostels vs. traditional hostels

Luxury hostels

Each hostel is going to be a little different. Luxury hostels can be very modern, decorated in leather couches with mahogany bars, and feature beautiful rooftop gardens.

  • They're also usually within walking distance of nice restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.
  • Although shared bathroom facilities hint at the roots of a luxury hostel, individual rooms may be available.
  • As well, facilities are typically quite clean, the bathroom impeccable, and the staff friendly.

Traditional hostels

These are an excellent place to save money without sacrificing quality. However, you'll have less privacy as facilities are shared, and rooms tend to be dorm style – or very small private rooms. While basic in function, sometimes hostels include:

  • An eating area or convenient café
  • Equipment storage room
  • TV and lounge area

As with any accommodations, cleanliness and level of staff service really depend on the management. Sometimes even the most expensive hotels can be untidy; while the smallest motel might be impeccable.

Why luxury hostels are appealing

Most luxury hostels marry bohemian-style lodging with world-class features. Relatively inexpensive, clean and safe, they are an excellent way to meet new people in a casual, comfortable atmosphere, without breaking the bank.

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