Magic foods for better blood sugar: rice index

There's much more to rice than just white or brown. Different varieties vary as much in their effect on your blood sugar as they do in flavour. Take a look:

Magic foods for better blood sugar:  rice index

GL medium

Brown rice:

  • Still has the bran and the germ of the whole rice kernel, so it contains all the nutrition of a whole grain.
  • Has a longer cooking time and a higher fibre content.
  • Has a nutty flavour and a hearty texture.

Converted rice:

  • The rice is steamed before it's husked, allowing the individual grains to absorb more nutrients.
  • Takes about the same amount of time to cook as white rice, but less time than brown rice.

Wild rice:

  • Not a rice at all, but the seeds of a marsh grass.
  • It's high in protein and fibre and several B vitamins.
  • Has a pungent, earthy flavour.

GL high

Basmati rice:

  • A long-grain, aromatic white rice grown in the Himalayas.
  • It cooks up dry and fluffy.
  • You can get brown or white basmati rice.
  • The GL of brown basmati is lower, closer to that of brown rice.

Long-grain white rice:

  • The most common rice used in cooking.
  • The nutritious bran and germ have been processed out, taking fibre and natural plant compounds with them.
  • As with most refined products, some nutrients, such as iron, thiamin, niacin and folate have been added back.
  • Has a bland flavour.

Long-grain quick-cooking rice:

  • The rice is completely cooked and dehydrated, so cooking time is short, usually 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Comes as white or brown rice.

GL very high

Sticky rice:

  • Also called glutinous rice, though it doesn't contain gluten, this is a short-grain, white and refined rice that sticks together.
  • Though it's sometimes called "sweet rice," it has a bland flavour like most white rice.

Arborio rice:

  • A plump, refined and short-grain white rice that absorbs water without developing a mushy texture.
  • Used in risotto and noted more for its ability to absorb flavours.

Jasmine rice:

  • A long-grain white rice that has a subtle flower-like aroma.

In general, many of these rices can be substituted for another with a lower GL for health-conscious people. Although it may take some creativity to make the flavours complement each other, it is better for your body in the long run.

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