Make an unforgettable wedding day peony flower bouquet

November 21, 2014

If you’re the sort of bride who wants to hand-craft this important element of her special day, use these tips to easily make a DIY peony wedding bouquet.

Make an unforgettable wedding day peony flower bouquet

Ah, the beauty of the peony. Their full, round blooms come in the perfect wedding colours—deep rose, pink, creamy white, and every shade of red. Plus you’ll be surrounded by their delicious aroma as you walk down the aisle. Is there a better wedding bouquet flower than the peony?

Making your own peony wedding bouquet is quick and easy. Just follow the tips below.

4 simple steps

1. Preparation

Peonies aren't easy flowers to find year-round. If you plan to use them as part of your wedding decor, you'll want to do some sleuthing in advance to make sure they will be available in your area when you need them.

Before making the bouquet, ensure that the flowers have been properly hydrated. Trim the bottom of the stems by three to five centimetres and immediately place them in a drink of warm water and plant food.

2. Making the bouquet

Take your peonies out of the water and dab the stems dry with a paper towel. Find the largest, prettiest bloom to use as your centre piece. Gather three or four more blooms and encircle the centre flower to begin creating your bouquet. Secure this first section with floral tape, close to the neck of the flowers.

Holding the first section securely in one hand, begin to fill out the arrangement with additional flowers. Feel free to add a touch of green or even complementary flowers.

Once you are happy with the size and shape of the bouquet, use more of the floral tape to secure the bouquet. Be sure to tape at the same part of the stems as you did in the first section.

Trim the bottom of the stems so they are the same length.

3. Decorating the handle

You've now made your peony bouquet, and can decorate the handle.Cover the floral tape with satin ribbon, twine, lace, or any swatch of material that matches your dress or wedding decor.

You can add personal touches to the handle of the bouquet by adhering small jewels, strings of pearls, an antique brooch, or contrasting textures — whatever looks good with your dress!

4. Preservation

Be sure to make your peony bouquet before your wedding, so you’re not stressing with arts and crafts on the big day. But don't make it too many days in advance, or the bouquet may wilt.

You’ll need to keep the flowers hydrated, so this may mean waiting until the morning of the wedding day to decorate the handle, but do a test run beforehand so you know exactly what you need to do.

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