Make your wedding guest book memorable

If you've taken the time to create a wedding that is special and unique, why not do the same thing for your sign-in book?

Make your wedding guest book memorable

Sure, you can buy a standard guest book at a stationery shop or bookstore. You'll discover several beautiful options that fit the theme of your special day, but if you've taken the time to create a wedding that is special and unique, why not do the same thing for your sign-in book? Below are a few ideas to make your guest book as memorable for your guests before the ceremony as it will be for you after.

Picture this

Make copies of digital pictures featuring the two of you as a couple. Look for shots with large expanses of light-coloured backgrounds. Include at least as many photos of guests. If you don't have enough pictures, duplicate some of your favourites or use some that feature each of you when you were single.

Use a photo app to convert the copies into black and white, then print them out at your local drugstore or online photo printing site. Arrange the photos on the reception table with plenty of felt-tipped pens. Encourage each guest to sign the front of a photo and put it in a nearby box when completed. Gather the signed photos and assemble them into an album for post-wedding viewing.

What's your type?

This one works best for retro-style weddings. Look for a colourful typewriter at garage sales, thrift stores or online auction sites. Set it up with a pile of small stationery. Ask guests to type notes to you and your intended. They can either type their names or sign the bottom of the notes before dropping them into a festively-decorated box.

Assembly required

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made from your favourite picture. Search online for "custom photo puzzle" for providers. Put the pieces into a wide-mouth jar on the reception table. You'll also need several ballpoint pens. Ask each guest to sign the back of a puzzle piece and try to join it to other signed pieces that are already on the table. If you put the completed puzzle in a two-sided frame after the wedding, you can admire the picture in the front and read the signatures on the back.

An object of affection

Look for one or more large objects that represent the theme of your wedding, an activity you like to do or a shared interest. Choose something with lots of flat surfaces, such as a guitar to recall your wedding music or large sculptural letters featuring your initials. Provide felt markers and ask guests to sign the object. After the wedding, spray the object with fixative to preserve the signatures.

The best feature these options offer is the ability for family and close friends to leave messages that you'll find meaningful. Offer up a typical guestbook and guests will likely sign their name without leaving a real impression.

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