Make yourself at home with the right type of home inspection

December 23, 2014

Whether you're buying or selling a home, planning a major renovation or brand new construction, be sure to get the right type of home inspection.

Make yourself at home with the right type of home inspection

A home inspection can help you gain a better understanding of a home – whether you want to buy or sell, are planning a major renovation or new construction, or simply want to know more about your current home for your own peace of mind. The right type of home inspection can provide you with important details and direction on all matters related to your humble abode.

Here’s a quick look at some of the different types of home inspections available:

Pre-purchase home inspection

This is an inspection typically requested by a potential homebuyer. Having a home inspected before purchase can provide information that will help determine the home's true value, including how much money needs to be invested in the home after purchase. It can also help identify potential problems that will need to be addressed of down the road, such as a leaky roof or cracked foundation.

Pre-listing home inspection

For homeowners looking to sell, a pre-listing home inspection can provide a checklist of work to be done on the home before listing it, making it easier for the homeowner to disclose information to potential buyers, and help establish an accurate and competitive list price, which can lead to a faster sale.

New construction inspections

These inspections are performed during the various phases of the building's construction to ensure that it's up to code during each phase. Phase inspections may include footing and foundation, framing, and warranty inspections.

Maintenance/renovation home inspection

If you are planning a renovation or major home repair, this type of home inspection can help shed some light on wiring, plumbing and structure of the home.

Pre-delivery, PDI (Tarion) inspection

Before you take possession of a new home or condominium, your builder is required to conduct a pre-delivery inspection or PDI. During the PDI, it is very important to identify any items that are damaged, missing, incomplete or not operating properly.

Periodic maintenance inspections

This type of inspection is best performed every two years to evaluate the condition of your home in between storms and droughts, check the building's structure, which may have been compromised by cracked beams or foundations, visually inspect for moisture related problems, and more.

Investigative inspections

These inspections are most often used when a homeowner feels that a problem may exist but can’t identify it, such as if you fear damage after a severe storm, experience an odd smell in your home, or notice unusual pest and insect activity. In many cases, these types of inspections can help identify problems in the early stages, before they become an expensive or irreversible liability.

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