Artificial floral arrangements: a step-by-step guide

November 25, 2014

If you want the pleasing presence of floral arrangements without the upkeep, consider artificial flowers. Here's how to make an artificial flower arrangement.
If you’re looking to spruce up your space with a floral touch—but lack the green thumb that goes with taking care of plants—artificial flower arrangements may be the way to go. And while you can certainly purchase silk floral arrangements from a store or florist, you can also fashion an arrangement yourself. But where should you start?
The base
It’s best to begin creating your artificial floral arrangement with your base piece—think an eye-catching bowl or better yet, a vase ready for display. But you’ll need more than that to hold those colourful fake blooms in place.

You can buy florist’s foam or clay at a flower or craft shop. It allows you totuck your DIY silk flower arrangements so that they stay firmly in place. And make sure to purchase a cover for your foam or clay—think fake moss or grass.
The blooms
Avoid the cluttered look by opting for a few colourful blooms to put in, rather than a rainbow of flowers. Also look for different textures of flowers, lengths and contrasting colours to make the arrangement pop.

Check out the stems available on your flowers as well—plastic is fine but if it’s in your budget, pick floral taped-stems to create a more natural-looking arrangement in your vase.

When you get your blooms home, open up the individual flowers and petals for a natural-looking DIY silk arrangement.

The arrangement

Now that you have your grass or moss covering the clay, start by putting a large, beautiful flower in the centre to catch the eye. Chances are your flowers are long and while you can trim them with a good wire cutter, consider simply folding over the stem and tucking that into the foam base. That way you can not only reuse the flower for another arrangement, but you’re not out of luck if you trim the stem too short.

From there, begin inserting companion flowers around the main flower, standing back at regular intervals to review your work. Once you’re happy with the number of flowers in your vase, tuck greenery into the spaces to fill out the look.

Also don’t forget to eyeball the height and width compared to your vase—you’re looking for an arrangement that’s a little more than half the height and width of your container.

Not sure what kind of look you’re trying to achieve? Sites like Pinterest are filled with flower arrangements to inspire you.

Artificial floral arrangements: a step-by-step guide
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