Making a home comfortable for a house-sitter

November 3, 2015

If you've found a house-sitter you want them to  feel as comfortable as possible while staying there. Check out the list below for ideas on how to make your home welcoming for house-sitters.

Making a home comfortable for a house-sitter

1. Create a thorough information guide

  • To ensure that your house-sitter has an easy time in your home and knows how to work all the necessary devices, make a thorough information guide about how everything works. Explain the TV, DVD player, oven, laundry, etc.
  • It's nice to tell people in person as well as have a written guide, since they can reference the guide when you're gone. Having a written guide will ensure that they're able to comfortably and easily use anything they'll need during the stay.

2. Clean

  • One of the worst feelings for a person is having to stay in someone else's mess. So, even if you don't always keep your space neat and clean, be sure to clean it thoroughly before the house sitter comes over.
  • Wash and change all linens, clean out the refrigerator, scrub the bathrooms, and take out the trash. Removing any unpleasant mess or clutter can help ensure that your home's environment is nice for the sitter.

3. Leave some space in closets and drawers

  • No house sitter wants to live out of a suitcase, particularly if you'll be travelling for a long time. Instead, offer space in drawers and closets so they can properly store their things while you're away.
  • Giving them some storage space will make their daily routine easier and allow them to have clothes that are wrinkle free.

4. Provide food for a meal (or several)

  • You don't have to feed your house-sitter the entire time they are staying (unless that's an agreement you've reached), but stocking your home with enough food for at least their first meal or two will help make your home feel like a welcome place.
  • Buying prepared dishes like salads or sandwiches eliminates the need to cook and spend money on food.
  • Also, you can stock your home with groceries to encourage your house sitter to feel free to cook while also serving as a gift to say thank you for their services.
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