4 reasons you should use paper flowers for your bouquets

November 21, 2014

Sometimes, artificial flowers truly are better than the real thing. Discover four reasons you should opt for papers flowers for your bouquets.

Paper flowers can be better than the real thing? Is that crazy talk? Not if your image of paper flowers is a dusty, 1970s centrepiece at your grandmother’s house. Thankfully, the world of paper flowers has radically improved, thanks in part to the increased interest in arts and crafts. Below are some reasons why you may want to choose a paper bouquet over one made with real flowers.
1. Cost
If you're hosting a fancy event or a wedding, you know how expensive fresh cut flowers can be. Particularly if the flowers you want for your princess day aren't in-season.

But paper flowers? Cheap, cheap, cheap. In fact, some amazing designs can even be done for free using recycled newspapers, vintage books, paper bags, and scrap paper.
2. Longevity
Your event lasts a day, a night, or even a few hours, and then what happens to the flowers? Guests may be invited to take some home, but generally those flowers are going to wilt and die within a few days, leaving only a faded memory.

Paper flowers can be given as mementos to your guests to remember the event. Beautiful paper bouquets are also a great option for bridesmaids and flower girls, as they can be handed to them at the last minute.
3. Creativity
There are so many different designs for paper flowers, and you are only limited by your imagination. You never have to worry about finding the right shade of flower colour, because you can make your bouquets and centrepieces in whatever colour your heart desires.

With so many shapes, sizes, and display options, the possibilities are endless.

You can also mix silk and real flowers with the paper ones to change the texture and style of your arrangements.
4. Bonding
Getting your bridesmaids and friends together to have a paper flower making party can be a great way to bond before your event. Everyone will feel like they’re part of the action and have contributed to the success of the party.

It’s a great way to keep the children in your group occupied (though you may want to spot-check the quality of their work before adding their masterpieces to the decor).

If you need help off-setting costs, decide in advance what materials are needed and delegate to each person. It’s like a crafting version of a potluck!
The downside
Yes, there is a downside to paper flowers. They can tear easily if over-handled and can be tricky to transport. Be sure you make more than you need so any damaged flowers can quickly be replaced. Also, it’s not recommended to have paper flowers if your entertainment involves fire-dancing.

4 reasons you should use paper flowers for your bouquets
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