Make the perfect wedding bouquet holders

Make the perfect wedding bouquet holders

Whether you make your own wedding bouquet or have one created by a florist, you may notice that the bouquet holder is… and plastic-looking. Not exactly what you want to be gripping onto while taking that slow walk down the aisle.

Below are a few tips on how to personalize and spruce up your wedding bouquet holder without spending the honeymoon money.

Bridal tips

1. Go natural

  • A big trend in the wedding world is for brides to hold a hand-tied, natural looking bouquet. This means that the stems are not tucked neatly into a handle, but are exposed and wrapped in ribbons or natural fabrics. This conjures up the image of flowers plucked mere moments ago because the couple just can’t wait to get hitched.
  • Try wrapping the middle of the stems with a white satin ribbon (or choose a colour to match your wedding palette) and secure with diamante-headed pins. Choose pins that also match your design, as the decorative heads can mimic the details like buttons, or pearls on your dress.
  • Once the “handle” is created, get creative! Add a vintage brooch (something old—check) to the front of the holder. Or if your wedding decor is rustic, wrap the silk holder in twine and secure with pearl pins.
  • Or, flip the script. Wrap the flower stems with burlap to create a handle and decorate with softer textures like silk and lace.
  • A vintage rhinestone bracelet that stretches can easily become a handle on your bouquet.

2. Cover the traditional

  • If you do decide to go with a traditional bouquet holder, don’t fret. Your palms don’t need to get all sweaty clutching a piece of plastic. Nor do you have to shell out for an expensive bouquet holder blinged out in diamonds and gold. Simply use your imagination to creatively cover the existing one.
  • All the steps listed above on how to create a hand-tied bridal bouquet can be adapted for a plastic holder.
  • Wrap the holder in a silk ribbon and secure with hot glue (pins won’t work). If you don’t want to stop here, consider tying a string of pearls around the top to drape over your hands as you carry the bouquet.
  • Try gluing a vintage brooch (remove the pin) to the front of the holder.
  • You can also mix and match textures by covering the silk ribbon with meshed burlap or twine for that rustic look.
  • Lace is always a great addition as it can be chosen to match your design and is easy to tie around the holder.
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