A guide to men’s hairstyles

November 18, 2013

Whoever said the hair department was strictly for women? Gentlemen, read on for a little advice about men’s hairstyles that make an impression.

A guide to men’s hairstyles

Have you been sporting pretty much the same haircut since your primary school days? Gentlemen, you can get with the spirit of the times, no matter how old you are now. And, psst! Do as your partner does and go for a natural look; no one will suspect you’re primping.

More refined hairstyles

  • The word is out: the skater cut and mini-mohawk are on their way to becoming extinct for anyone over 18.
  • Men’s hairstyles are now much more refined. You'll be seeing a lot more layered styles cut with comb and scissors, rather than with the clippers.
  • Bangs are rating highly and are featuring clean and precise lines.
  • For a stylish and clean-cut look, the hair is longer on top and shorter on the sides.
  • Straight hair at the sides suits most head shapes and textures of hair.

Gatsby inspiration

  • We have recently been seeing a lot of classic Gatsby-style haircuts, cut short around the face.
  • The straight lines have the effect of creating a more defined head and give their owners that charming masculine look typical of another time.

Young men

  • The more popular look for younger men is slightly more unkempt. You will need to buy the appropriate styling products to master this style.
  • Use gel for a shinier look. To texturize, reach for a styling putty.
  • If your hair is curly or wavy, allow it to dry naturally and enhance the look with the proper de-frizzing styling product to give your hair shine and control.

Older men

  • Women of all ages typically love the sexy salt-and-pepper look on their men. However, if you belong to the group that prefers to hide grey hair, you can do so very quickly and easily at the hair salon.
  • To conceal grey hair, opt for cool, rather than warm, shades since cool tones are much more discreet and natural. A visit to the salon every six weeks will be essential for touch-ups.
  • Another interesting proposition: opt for dark highlights that favour pepper over salt. The advantage here is that touch-ups are only required every three months.
  • Thinning hair can be disturbing for men of a certain age.
  • Of course, the shaved head is the sexiest go-to solution for thinning hair, but some products are specifically designed to slow hair loss, add volume and shine, and even conceal early grey hairs.
  • Speak to your stylist about these products.
  • If baldness is significant, specialized hair care products that are made to invigorate the scalp’s hair follicles and promote hair growth may be suitable.
  • To control more excessive hair loss, meet with a professional who can advise you on the best hair replacement therapies.

Beard and moustache

  • Don’t forget to groom your beard and moustache, including regular trims.
  • These make a big statement about your image and personal style.
  • Most salons even consider them an important part of the repertoire of men’s hairstyles.

Professional services

  • For quality products and first rate service, visit a professional salon or barber shop.
  • In addition to finding solutions to problems such as dandruff or hair loss, your barber or stylist can recommend a men’s hairstyle that is appropriate for your personality.
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