Money-saving travel tips for your next trip

March 7, 2016

Planning for vacation is the fun part. Taking six months to pay for it afterwards isn’t. But it needn’t be that way because these surefire tips will help you save big on your next trip before you even leave for the airport.

Money-saving travel tips for your next trip

When it comes to planning a vacation that won’t disappoint, we all dream about staying in the kind of fancy hotel where the amenities are top-notch and the service second to none.

The nightmare? Having to spend the next six months after you return home pinching pennies just to pay off the credit card bills that always follow.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Did you know that with just minimal effort and planning, you can save a bundle on the vacation you’ve always wanted before your plane even takes off – everything from airline tickets to cultural events and cruises for less –  yet not have to live like a pauper when you get back.

Here are some tried and true tips to help you save big on travelling and accommodations:

Do online research

The Internet can be your best friend when it comes to unearthing the best price for your next trip. Take the time to do some research online to find the deal that best suits your needs:

  • Check airline websites, but also online travel booking sites. These online travel booking sites will submit your request to several tour operators, then present to you the best deal each one has to offer.
  • If you have something more specific in mind for your trip, booking online could be your best bet: you’ll likely avoid higher booking fees associated with using an agent; most online travel portals offer 24/7 assistance; their higher volume of business usually means lower prices.

Never forget – “buyer beware!”
Booking online does have drawbacks and the old saying of buyer beware still holds true.

  • Before you commit to paying for anything, be careful and always read the “fine print” to help you avoid such common pitfalls as: non-existent customer service, “low” rates, inaccurate reservations and more.
  • You’ve finally found the perfect ticket at the right price… but what’s this? When you return to the website hours later the price has shot up! Blame it on the cookies in your computer that track your whereabouts. So what’s a trick to getting a great deal on a flight? Delete the cookies to see the original price.

With the rise of online travel booking sites, travellers have an easy and effective way to make reservations on a dime. Although chances are you’ll have a positive experience, being prepared makes you a smarter traveller and reduces the odds that any unexpected hiccups will interrupt your vacation.

Call in the professionals

Even if using the services of a travel agency means paying certain fees, there are many great reasons to use a travel agent to plan your next trip. That includes:

  • You’ll save time and can travel with more confidence, because a professional agent has a network of contacts, knows which airlines/hotels to avoid, and will organize the details.
  • You’ll get personalized advice and likely have a mistake-free trip, since they’ve been trained to ensure all bookings are done correctly.

If you’ve never used a travel agency before, selecting one to meet your needs could start as easily by asking friends and family for recommendations.

Planning and reserving early

When it comes to travelling, what are the best times to book a trip and save big? Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the better will be your choice of flights and discounted rates, but not always…

  • Tuesday is considered to be the best day to book tickets, whereas Wednesday morning at one a.m. is when you should be checking for the lowest rates.
  • Reserving in advance  – but not too far ahead –  or at the last minute, as well as focusing on less-busy times of they year, will add up to significant savings on your plane ticket.
  • What’s more, travelling off-season and also being flexible can go a long way in helping you to plan an inexpensive vacation.

Saving on accommodations

Not afraid of snakes or bears? Then camping is a good choice to bring together family in the great outdoors.

Home Exchange
If you prefer the comfort of a warm bed and a roof over your head, then maybe arranging a home exchange would be more to your taste.

  • In addition to eliminating the cost of accommodations, you’ll save on meals because you’ll have access to a full kitchen!
  • This option is especially appealing for anyone traveling with kids on a budget .

Short-term rental
If the idea of leaving your home in the hands of strangers makes you uncomfortable, renting a place to stay vs. staying in a hotel for the same price could potentially be a less-expensive option for your next vacation.

  • You’ll have to weigh such things as amenities, space, privacy. location and length of time you intend to stay.

Bed & Breakfasts and Youth Hostels
Both are excellent alternatives for travellers on a tight budget.

  • Often providing a much more personal guest experience than a traditional hotel, B&Bs are perfect for travellers for several reasons including: they provide plenty of amenities, are amazingly comfortable, and often pride themselves on providing personal attention.
  • Far from being seedy or last-option choices, luxury youth hostels  are fast becoming trendy, safe, modern and (yes!) luxurious options that don’t sacrifice comfort or quality for price.

You can always check if your favourite hotel has any last-minute deals on their website. Or if there’s money to be saved on a romantic getaway special through one of those popular group-discount daily deal sites.

Expect the unexpected

When preparing for a trip, insurance is often the last thing on your mind. But breaking a leg while skiing can quickly turn a dream trip into a nightmare. Who wants to return home from vacation with a cast and a hospital bill as a souvenir?

• Life is full of surprises. To prevent your vacation and life savings from flying out the window in the event of an accident, not only should you consider trip cancellation travel insurance but ensure that your travel health insurance is also in order.

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