Montreal’s top 10 Instagram-worthy spots

by Maria Barillaro

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on – locals and tourists alike – Montreal is one photo-friendly city. With lots to see and much to do, this city is overflowing with spots that make for the perfect photo op. Here are some of the most amazing places to snap a shot of the fine city of MTL. [Image credit:]

Montreal’s top 10 Instagram-worthy spots

1. Westmount Park

Whether you’re an Instagram newbie or a seasoned pro, this beautiful Montreal park is the perfect setting for a great picture. No matter what time of year you visit, the seasonal scenes are always breathtaking. Whether it’s an autumn backdrop, a snowy day or a bright, sunny one, Westmount Park is a fave among social media photogs.

2. Mary Queen of the World Cathedral

In 1870, the first brick of this stunning cathedral was laid. Not only is it a landmark in Montreal, but its architectural beauty is definitely a sight to see. Both inside and out, the well-known cathedral is adorned with ornate detailing. Instagrammers seem to agree – this photo-worthy destination is a must when visiting Montreal.

3. Old Port of Montreal

The Old Port, bordering along the Saint-Lawrence River, is a beautiful spot to snap photos and explore the city. With its architecture from the 1800s, the scenic view of the river, and downtown’s impressive skyscrapers as a backdrop, the Old City is one of the best spots on the island to take the perfect photo.

4. Mount Royal

From the top of Mount Royal, you’ll find an overwhelmingly glorious view of the city at just about every turn. Amateur Instagram photogs as well as professionals have taken some of the finest shots of the city from atop this Montreal landmark.

5. La Fontaine Park

If natural scenery is your idea of the perfect photo backdrop, then you won’t want to miss a stroll through La Fontaine Park. Combining the beauty of nature with the unique surrounding city landscapes, it’s hard to walk away from this spot without a handful of stunning photographs.

6. Saint-Paul Street

When visiting the Old City, be sure to stroll down Saint-Paul Street. This cobblestone road may lead to a number of great restaurants, but it also leads to a fantastic view of the city. Complete with the stunning Notre-Dame Basilica in the backdrop, anyone with a passion for photography will love this road.

7. Bassin Bonsecours

It’s next to impossible to scroll through the Instagram shots of Bassin Bonsecours and not fall head-over-heels in love with this city. Maybe it’s the trees, maybe it’s the road, or maybe it’s the magnificent view of the island – or maybe it’s a combination of all three – but this is a spot in the Old Port you can’t miss.

8. St. Joseph’s Oratory

According to the Instagram community, St. Joseph’s Oratory makes for the perfect city portrait. Not only is this landmark an immensely beautiful addition to view of the city, but it’s a superb piece of Montreal architecture!

9. Lachine Canal

This historical landmark is a destination that anyone new to the city should explore. All year round, the Lachine Canal offers up some serious photography inspiration. The enormous trees bordering the canal, the view of the downtown skyline, and the charming bike path – voted the third most beautiful urban circuit in the world by Time magazine – are just a few of the photo ops at this historic landmark.

10. Palais des Congrès de Montréal

With its modern architectural style and colourful display, the Palais des Congrès building is one interesting sight to see. The vivid colours of the glass windows lining the entire building give it a unique, modern feel – which makes for some very interesting urban landscape images.

The city of Montreal is a combination country and city, 17th century architecture and modern design – from the old to the new, these are just a few of the photo-friendly spots Instagrammers seem to love the most. Get your camera ready and prepare for some one-of-a-kind snapshots.

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