4 pointers to easily mount pictures and mirrors

July 27, 2015

Wall art and mirrors add character to any room in your home, but they can be intimidating to mount or hang.  These 4 pointers will make things a breeze.

4 pointers to easily mount pictures and mirrors

1. Avoid cracking the plaster

To hang a framed picture or mirror without cracking your plaster, stick clear or painter's tape where the nail or picture hanger should go. Hammer the nail through the tape, and then remove the tape and hang the object. Large, heavy mirrors and pictures will hang more securely if you use two hooks placed at the same height, several inches apart.

2. Frame it yourself

Metal frame sides are available at art stores and it's easy to put them together. Buy two of each length needed, and assemble them into a frame according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can then have mirrors or glass cut to fit the frame.

Making a wood frame from scratch is surprisingly difficult, and custom framing can be expensive. If you'd like to try it out though, some frame shops rent "bench time," which allows you to use their tools, and they'll offer advice on how to make frames from the moldings that you buy there.

3. Maintain your mirrors

It's easy to keep a mirror shining and reflective using these instructions:

  • Remove fingerprints, dust and grease from a mirror with a window cleaner added to a soft rag, rather than applying the cleaner directly to the mirror. This keeps your cleaner from running between the mirror and frame and damaging the silver surface on the back of the glass.
  • Make sure that your rag is free of any attachments - like buttons or snaps - that could scratch the glass.
  • For a homemade cleaner, use strong tea and buff with a soft dry cloth.
  • Remove slight scratches on a mirror with white toothpaste (not gel) that is made for brightening teeth. It contains small amounts of abrasive material that will gently rub out imperfections. Apply the toothpaste to a soft, clean rag and rub with a circular motion. Use a separate clean rag to remove residue and to polish.

4. Repair loose frames

If your frame is starting to come apart at a corner, take care of the problem right away or the gap may widen and allow the glass to slip out and break.

  • First, take the frame off of the wall and work on a firm but padded surface.
  • Remove the glass. You may be able to reinforce the corner joint by applying glue and clamping it for a day.
  • Another solution is to use a metal frame-mending plate, available at a hardware store or home centre. Lay the plate diagonally across the frame's back corner and mark its holes. Carefully drill tiny, short, pilot holes. Be sure not to go too far and pierce the face of the frame. Also make sure that the screws are the right length before installing the plate, so that they won't poke through the front.

Picture perfect

Whether it's a splendid work of art or a new bathroom mirror, hanging and installation shouldn't stress you out.  Use these tips to keep things easy and you'll be appreciating your new wall decor in no time.

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