Must-see Halloween events in Toronto

October 11, 2017

By Jenn Reid

Halloween isn’t just one-day holiday, it’s a month-long celebration! At least that’s how it is in Toronto, where the scary and horrifying events start popping up as soon as the leaves begin to turn. Don’t bother waiting until the 31st to get into the spirit, start celebrating now! Check out the best Halloween events happening in Toronto. [Photo courtesy of Black Creek Pioneer Village]

Must-see Halloween events in Toronto

Toronto After Dark
Get into the Halloween spirit by watching spooky movies at Toronto After Dark. The horror and sci-fi film festival has nine days of movies to choose from, with everything from zombies, creepy dolls, deadly game shows and killer robots on offer.

At Home with Monsters
Some attractions this month will have monsters that jump out and scare you, but these monsters stay put! The AGO’s latest exhibit is Guillermo del Toro’s At Home With Monsters, which has spooky, creepy, monstrous and cool art, film props and artefacts from the director’s personal collection.

Nightmare on Dundas Street
The AGO screens ten of the scariest movies throughout film history in conjunction with the exhibit At Home With Monsters from director Guillermo del Toro. Drop in and watch classic movies like Psycho, The Shining, Carrie, Silence of the Lambs and more. The Halloween weekend screening? Of course, it’s Halloween.

Screemers is a Halloween classic, having taken over Exhibition Place for 25 years running. Make your way through the terrifying mazes, from the Zombie Prizon to the Slasher Wax Museum, where creatures will try to scare you and maybe even give chase. This year, you can also check out a gory show from illusionist Ryan Brown, who’s tricks are a little more “impaling yourself” and a little less “rabbit from a hat.”

Are You Afraid of the Dark Reunion

90s kids will surely remember Are You Afraid of the Dark, the YTV show about pre-teens telling spooky stories. The cast is reuniting at this special Halloween event for a Q&A panel, with a screening of two classic episodes. YTV hosts PJ Phil and PJ Paul will be hosting to the event, to complete the nostalgia-filled night.

Legends of Horror
For the month of October, Casa Loma transforms into a haunted house. The scary theatrical experience includes live actors to fully bring to life locations like Dracula’s lair and the Creature from the Black Lagoon’s swamp. A less scary option is also on site this year, with the members of the Justice League

Spooky Lagoon
Do you know the creepy, true history of the Toronto Island? You can learn all about it this Halloween season with this historical boat ride. Sail across the lake and hear all about the Toronto Island’s varied past, including sunken ships, Babe Ruth and the murder and subsequent haunting at Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.

Fort York After Dark
Fort York dates back to 1793, and you know there’s a lot of history there. Fort York After Dark lantern tours takes you across the grounds at night, where you learn about the history of the area, including the bloody Battle of York. There’s also a visit to the two military cemeteries nearby. Fort York is reportedly haunted, and this is a perfect chance to find out for yourself.

Rue Morgue Halloween Party
Toronto is home to Rue Morgue, one of the leading horror magazines worldwide, and they certainly know how to do Halloween. Rue Morgue’s annual Halloween party is especially popular thanks to its costume contest, which has $1000 in prizes for the best and most creative costumes. This year will be double the excitement as the magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Night of Dread
The West End celebrates Halloween every year with Night of Dread, a Halloween parade and festival. The family-friendly event has a parade of black and white masked ghouls (anyone can join), followed by a fest with fire-spinners, stilt-walkers and other bizarre acts.

Where the Dark Things Dwell
Escape games have been taken up a notch with Black Creek Pioneer Village’s escape game, Where the Dark Things Dwell. Instead of being trapped in a room, the whole village is yours to explore, and the game only runs at night for an extra spooky bonus. A strange cult has awakened an ancient curse, and you must save the villagers and find an incantation to stop to the curse before the final bell tolls and everyone is lost forever.

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Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland
What’s Halloween without a trip to Halloween Haunt? Every year, Canada’s Wonderland transforms into a creepy amusement park, with haunted mazes to explore in between roller coasters. There’s a night club full of vampires, a cursed mining passage, a mysterious forest and an evil carnival of clowns.

Dark Waters
While Ripley’s Aquarium isn’t exactly a scary place to be, it’s still getting into the Halloween spirit with Dark Waters. The aquarium is transforming for a Halloween party with music, food and drinks, and a costume contest. Tickets include access to the aquarium, so you can visit some dangerous deep sea creatures for extra scares.

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