17 must-try new outrageous eats at the CNE 2017

August 17, 2017

Let it begin!! The end of summer brings with it Canada’s biggest national exhibition – The CNE! The annual fair is a mecca for foodies looking to try over-the-top carnival eats. This year you can look forward to items like churro ice cream sandwiches, ramen burgers, spaghetti doughnut balls and deep fried cheese curds! Here are 17 must-try try new dishes for 2017’s CNE. [Photo credit: Fried chicken feet at Coco Concessions by Jennifer D’Agostino]

17 must-try new outrageous eats at the CNE 2017

Bacon Nation
A CNE favourite, Bacon Nation is back this year serving up some hot new menu items! In honour of Canada’s 150th, there’s the All-Canadian Red Hot Burger, which includes a sunny side up egg on top of strips of bacon and a 100 per cent beef burger, all sandwiched in between a bright red, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce bun. Also, check out the black Charcoal Funnel Cake and Pancake Bacon Tacos!

Eative is known for its creative use of liquid nitrogen and this year’s no different. Introducing the Dragon’s Breath Crepe: a crepe is rolled and dipped into liquid nitrogen, giving CNE visitors’ fog-like breath coming out through their nose and mouth! The crepe comes with vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Cake Shack
If you have a sweet tooth, you must check out Cake Shack! The dessert, aptly titled Sugar Mountain, is a monstrous stack of cheesecake, doughnuts and brownies. The dessert starts with a brownie, a scoop of cheesecake, under a sugar cone, which is topped off with a full sized doughnut and cotton candy.

Coco Concessions
Coco Concession’s is back at it this year with Deep Fried Chicken Feet! Crunchy and served on a stick, these are for adventurous eaters. You can also try the deep fried bacon pickle balls!

Yatai Street Food
Yatai is offering the Last Samurai, a burger that combines an all-beef burger topped with seasonal chicken katsu, special ninja sauce and a signature ramen noodle bun. The burger is sure to become a festival favourite!

Farm to Fryer
Farm to Fryer is serving up everything you love – deep fried! From the Fried Mac and Curd Chimichanga to the Cheese Stuffed Dorito, you’re going to have to leave any notions of going on a diet at the CNE gates! The Chimichanga is macaroni and cheese curds stuffed in a burrito shell and deep-fried.

San Francesco’s Italian Sandwiches
If you’ve worked out an appetite on the midway, head over to San Francesco’s Italian Sandwiches in the Food Building to try The Colossal Coliseum. The massive sandwich is breaded veal and a pulled pork panzerotti on a Kaiser bun, smothered in sweet barbecue sauce. Plus, they’ve worked in dessert, with two deep fried brownies on top!

The talk of the CNE this year is the Spaghetti Donut Balls from Fritta. The spaghetti is mixed with breadcrumbs and covered in a batter before it is deep-fried until golden brown. You can choose from sweet: dusted in sugar and cinnamon and a chocolate sauce drizzle, or savoury:  mixed with fresh Italian herbs, and Parmesan and topped with tomato sauce.

Hot Bunzz
One bun plus pork five ways is what Hot Bunzz is offering CNE goers this year. The Juicy Oink is a slow roasted five-spice pork belly, pork shoulder, sweet longanisa sausage, crispy pork skin and a Shanghai pork soupy dumpling, all packed in the signature Hot Bunzz bun. It’s topped off with Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and honey apple slaw.

Fran’s Restaurant 
Fran’s Peanut Butter Sriracha Bites are on the menu this year and they are the perfect combination of salty and spicy. The deep-fried sweet dough is stuffed with a peanut butter Sriracha filling, dusted with cinnamon icing sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

The King of Curds
There’s nothing more Canadian than cheese curds and maple syrup, and since it’s The Ex, of course it’s deep-fried. The Great Canadian deep-fried cheese curds are sprinkled with icing sugar and served with a side of pure Canadian maple syrup.

Fidel Gastro’s
Fidel Gastro’s is doing double duty at this year’s CNE, parking its truck during the East Coast Kitchen Party and Food Truck Frenzy. The Double Crab Burger is not only delicious, it’s massive! The two battered crab cakes are topped with a cabbage slaw and pickles that are sandwiched between a toasted bun.

Eat My Bowls
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this year Eat My Bowls is serving up the Breakfast Bowl. The bowl, made of pancake batter, is filled with scrambled egg and then sprinkled with real bacon bits!

Chloe’s Doughnut Ice Cream
The newest CNE food stand is selling some of the most innovative and fun ice cream sandwiches in town! Chloe’s is serving up churro ice cream sandwiches in wacky flavours like Oreo and Cap’n Crunch! All the doughnuts are made on site.

Buster’s Sea Cove
It wouldn’t be Food Truck Frenzy without Buster’s Sea Cove and this year it’s bringing the popular Lobster Arancini and Lobster Roll with them! The lobster arancini is stuffed with lobster and three different types of cheese all fried in a batter until golden brown.

Chimney Stax
Festival favourite Chimney Stax is on site this year! Flavours include S’Mores and the fan favourite Cookie Monster. The ice cream is served on top of the pastry cones.

Philthy Philly’s
If you’re need of a mix of sweet and savoury, Philthy Phil’s has you covered with the Strawberry Shortsteak. The hybrid sandwich has sweet doughnut buns, which house its famous cheesesteak topped with strawberry sauce and icing sugar!

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