Natural snacks for pet birds and fish

June 23, 2015

Pets like variety in what they eat, so why not give your birds or fish a treat by adding a few natural supplements to their diet. Many of the following suggestions are kitchen scraps or can be found growing wild.

Natural snacks for pet birds and fish

Snack for birds

Pet birds love a good nibble. Here are some snack options that will have them singing with thanks.

  • Bake some leftover whole wheat bread to harden it. Wait until it cools and then clip it to the side of the cage for your birds to nibble on.
  • Pick up a pine cone for your parrot or parakeet. They love pecking the seed-stuffed cones and it will keep their beaks trim.
  • Chop up some fruit for variety. Fruit is generally good for birds, but avoid pits or seeds from apples, cherries, peaches and avocados.
  • Offer your birds handfuls of thistles or seeding grasses you have collected, along with the soil-covered roots. However, don't give them lawn clippings because the grass may have been sprayed with insecticides or treated with fertilizers, both of which are highly toxic to birds.
  • Attach fresh hay to the cage for birds to pick through.
  • Wash all vegetables, fruit and grasses in case they have been sprayed with chemicals, or buy organic produce.

Snacks for fish

Pet fish benefit from a variety of edible options in their tank. Below are a few snacks that will have them swimming with joy.

  • Add regular supplies of fresh aquatic plants to your fish tank or pond. Plants are a good additional food source for fish, while also offering a place to shelter and helping to oxygenate the water.
  • Blanch a lettuce leaf or a slice of zucchini in boiling water and attach it to the glass of the fish tank using a suction cup with a clip. You can also try a slice of orange or lemon. Wash the fruit thoroughly first, in case there are some chemical residues on the skin.
  • Give your aquarium fish a snack of mosquito larvae – they enjoy them, and live food is a welcome supplement to a constant diet of artificial or prepared food. If mosquitoes are multiplying in your garden pond, this is an excellent way of reducing their numbers.

We all love a little variety in our lives, and our pet birds and fish are no different. Offering them a variety of natural snacks may seem like a small thing, but they will certainly appreciate it.

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