Picking out the best flower vases for your home decor

February 6, 2014

Vases are a tasteful way to store your flowers and compliment your decor. Here are a few tips to help you choose a stylish one for your home.

Flower vases can be found in shops in any shape, size, colour or texture you can imagine. With so many choices available, it’s tempting to just buy the first one you see and be done with it—but do resist the urge. With these helpful hints, picking out the right flower vases is as easy as identifying what flowers you’d like to show off and moving from there.

A matter of proportion

For a floral arrangement to truly stand out, follow this golden rule: the vase should take up about one third of the overall arrangement, and the flowers should account for the other two thirds. This ratio applies for bouquets of any size.

According to form

Another factor to consider when buying flower vases is to identify which kinds of flowers will be going in each one. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Cylindrical vases range in size from single-flower vases to larger ones that can accommodate entire arrangements. This shape of container highlights long-stemmed flowers such as gladiolas, lilies, long-stemmed roses, and wild flowers.
  2. Tulip vases have a silhouette where the upper part of the vase curves outward from a thinner middle. They pair well with floral arrangements that have a wide base.
  3. Conical vases are a great way to show off wild flowers. They give a room a rustic, country feel.
  4. Round vases work well with arrangements containing flowers that have lighter petals, such as wild roses or hydrangeas.

Crystal clear

Crystal vases can give any arrangement a timeless classic look. The transparency of the crystal also allows flowers to be enhanced by the optics of the water. Try using colouring agents or coloured gelatin squares to further accentuate the arrangement’s visual impact.

Improvised vases

Another popular trend is the repurposed vase, made of materials that weren’t originally meant for flower vases. Used aquariums make great vases, as do cans and other household or kitchen containers. Even a wrapping-paper collage on a repurposed vase can accentuate your decor beautifully.

Picking out the best flower vases for your home decor
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