Oily skin dos and don'ts: how to best care for oily skin

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when caring for your skin.

Oily skin dos and don'ts: how to best care for oily skin

Intensified by hormonal changes, stress or extreme humidity, oily skin is an internal problem that leads to the body producing an excessive amount of oil.

The dos

Cleansing your skin: Wash your face thoroughly every morning and evening. Refrain from scrubbing vigorously, and choose a lightweight, mild cleanser, specifically designed for oily skin. Apply the cleanser while massaging your face gently. Rinse with plenty of warm water and pat your skin dry.

Sunscreen: Apply a light, quick-to-absorb sunscreen every morning after you wash your face. Keeping the harmful rays away is crucial when caring for your skin. You may want to choose a sunscreen with a matte texture, which will leave your face clean and dry, while fighting the shine.

Makeup: Only buy makeup that works well with your skin. Products that are oil-free are better for your skin than shimmering, creamy cosmetics.

Blotting paper: Use blotting paper during the day. It will absorb the excessive oil from the surface of your skin, without you needing to wash your face. Just pat your face with paper several times per day for a drier look that won't ruin your makeup or irritate your skin.

The don'ts

Cleansers and lotions: Avoid creamy cleansers and lotions. Stay away from rich moisturizers and heavy creams, which will only make you look and feel oilier, and will make it impossible for your makeup to stick. It is better to opt for an easy-to-absorb serum, or a gel lotion that feels light and dries quickly.

Washing your face: Don't assume that the more you wash and cleanse, the cleaner your skin will be. The truth is that oily skin is an internal problem that has nothing to do with cleanliness. Instead of washing too much, you should focus on patting your face dry every time you feel it has become too oily.

Medications: Cut down on medications. Although spots and blemishes may be irritating, you are better off leaving your skin to cure itself than taking medications to control the problem. Keeping your skin clean, dry and well-protected from the sun will do the trick better than many over-the-counter drugs.

Touching your face: Remember not to touch your face too much or pick your spots. Your hands only add to the oil already on your face, and they bring germs and bacteria that should be kept away from your face. Picking spots can leave permanent marks; waiting for them to go down and disappear on their own will ensure even, smooth skin in the long run.

Patience is key

When caring for your skin, try to be patient.

  • Make sure you find gentle, oil-free products that won't add weight, grease or shine.
  • Opt for light cleansers, serums and gels, foamy and powdery cosmetics, and natural, paraben-free products specifically designed for oily skin.
  • Don't be aggressive or vigorous; instead, be gentle and caring.
  • Don't scrub or brush your face; just pat and massage softly.
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