Pack smart: 6 yoga essentials to improve your practice

November 26, 2014

Yoga only requires your mind and body, but adding a few essentials to your yoga bag can only improve your workout experience. Read on to find out what items you should always pack with you.

Pack smart: 6 yoga essentials to improve your practice

1. Yoga mat

If you plan on practising regularly, you should invest in a quality yoga mat that will last for years.

  • Cheap mats fall apart easily, whereas good yoga mats are lightweight, well-made and safe for your skin.
  • The colour and brand is up to your discretion, but remember to clean it thoroughly after every session.

2. Mat towel

For those practicing power or hot yoga, a mat towel is essential.

  • In these types of yoga classes, you tend to sweat a lot. This is natural and good for you, as it eliminates toxins and increases blood flow. However, an absorbent extra layer is essential in these classes, so it can be wise to invest in a quality mat towel.

3. Water bottle

Remember to always bring your bottle of fresh water with you to class.

  • It's advised that you avoid plastic bottles and opt for something more permanent that you can wash before every session. Look for a metal water bottle with a screw top to keep your water fresh, cool and properly sealed.

4. Hair ties and headbands

For those with long hair, hair accessories—or a lack thereof—can make or break your session.

  • In many types of yoga, you'll find yourself upside down often, and you'll sweat, twist and struggle to keep your balance.
  • The last thing you want is to have your hair falling on your face and preventing you from feeling relaxed and focused.

5. Wet scented wipes

A packet of wet wipes is always a good idea when you practise yoga.

  • Your mat needs to be cleaned thoroughly after every session, and the best way to do this quickly is to use a wet wipe on both sides.
  • If you opt for scented wet towelettes, everything will smell fresh the next time you hit the mat.

6. Lip balm

As you sweat and lose lots of liquid during your yoga session, it's recommended that you always have a natural lip balm on hand, which you can apply before and after class.

  • It will prevent your lips from chapping and will leave you feeling fresh.

The essentials

If you treat yourself to studio yoga classes, then you might want to buy a spacious yoga bag to fit your mat and mat towel, as well as your wet wipes, hair ties, water bottle and lip balm neatly.

  • Don't forget to leave room for your keys, wallet and phone in your bag—and always bring a lock for your valuables.
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