Give your pet the spa treatment & save money

July 28, 2015

It's natural to want  the finer things for your pets, from luxury cages to baskets full of fun toys. But if you know where to look, you can pamper your pets without breaking the bank.

Give your pet the spa treatment & save money

Designer fashions, discount prices

It's true — top designers have gone to the dogs. But that doesn't mean you have to pay top designer prices. Here's how:

  • If you hanker after a stylish dog blanket, collar or lead, the best place to indulge your tastes is online. Check websites to see if your favourite designer does a range for pets. Wait for the sales and see what you can find.
  • If you have any carpentry skills and your pet needs a wooden hutch or cage, you can easily make your own or adapt a second-hand cupboard.
  • If you sew, make inexpensive luxuries such as catnip mice or a dog blanket from luxurious fabric remnants like brocade or velvet.
  • Copy ideas on the cheap from upmarket glossy magazines.

Brand new look and feel, but recycled

  • Dogs love to chew on cotton towels, knotted socks, cotton rope and old stuffed toys — but check these for safety before handing them over.
  • Cats enjoy chasing ping-pong balls or plastic golf trainer balls.
  • Dogs and cats don't need a vast array of toys — let them play with a couple at a time and change them every few weeks.
  • You can give rodents the cardboard rolls from paper towel and toilet paper to gnaw and use as tunnels.
  • Cats will play with just about anything, including discarded flyers turned into paper balls. Be careful that they don't play with items on which they may choke.

When recycling household items for pets, take the following precautions:

  • Cut off dangerous parts and remove buttons and zips from clothing used as bedding.
  • Eyes and any small plastic parts from old soft toys could be swallowed. Be sure to remove them before giving them to your pet.
  • Check any wood and ensure it hasn't been treated with a toxic varnish or paint. If necessary, sand down to remove the surface, then re-treat.

Give them a luxurious night's rest

  • When buying bedding for your rabbit or other small mammal, consider straw from a farmer or wood shavings and sawdust from a carpenter. You could save 50% from buying smaller packs at the pet store.
  • If you own a paper shredder, use shredded paper for your pet's bedding. As long as you're shredding good-quality, non-toxic paper, your pet will be happy.

Pampering your pets has never been so easy and inexpensive. With these simple tips, your pet could be happy, relaxed and very grateful.

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