Pay less for car insurance with these 5 pointers

October 9, 2015

Between gas, insurance, maintenance, and the vehicle itself, keeping a car is an expensive commitment. We'll give you 5 tips to negotiate a better insurance rate so that you can lower your costs.

Pay less for car insurance with these 5 pointers

1. Keep your credit score healthy

  • Clean up your credit score before shopping for auto insurance. Why? According to the Insurance Information Institute, drivers with long, stable credit histories are less likely to be involved in accidents.
  • According to the folks who study insurance data, people who are lax with their financial affairs are statistically more likely to file an insurance claim, so the insurance companies consider them to be a higher risk. It may sound like comparing apples and oranges, but this is one method insurance companies employ when determining your auto insurance rate.

2. Don’t let your insurance lapse

  • Even if you won't be driving your car for an extended period of time, it's always better to strip down your insurance to the bare minimum rather than cancel it outright. Why? Because car insurers like to see someone insured for 36 consecutive months.
  • If you let your insurance lapse, you'll be starting from scratch, which means higher premiums and a tougher time landing a policy. By whittling down your coverage to the bare minimum, you'll maintain your 36-month standing and find it easy to bring your insurance back up to its previous levels when you finally do get back on the road.

3. Set up your own car insurance

  • If your car is only worth a couple thousand dollars, it makes better economic sense to lower your insurance premiums and put the cash you save into an account. If you have an accident or your car is vandalized, use your own cash to repair or replace it.
  • Ask your insurance agent how much your premiums will drop if you raise your deductibles or eliminate collision and comprehensive altogether.

4. Caught cardless? Call your agent

If you get pulled over by a police officer and you can't find your insurance card, you can often save yourself a hefty fine. Simply ask the officer if you can call your insurance agent and have them vouch for you. In most cases, the officer will let you go without writing you a ticket.

5. Reduce the cost of your insurance.

Everyone knows that you have to do a lot of comparison shopping in order to find a good car insurance rate. The thing is, you may also be eligible for discounts that the agent giving you a quote isn't telling you about. Here are some of the things that can qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance.:

  • Insuring more than one car.
  • Having no accidents or moving violations over the last three years.
  • Being over 55 years of age.
  • Taking a driver training course or a defensive driving course.
  • Having an anti-theft device.
  • Driving few miles each year.
  • Having antilock brakes, air bags, or daytime running lights.
  • Being a student with good grades.
  • Being a long-term customer.

Use these tips and speak with your insurance provider to try and get your rates reduced. After all, every dollar counts!

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