8 benefits from pediatric massage for babies and children

November 29, 2014

We forget that children can also get stressed. An occasional gentle massage can change everything. Here are 8 benefits for babies and children of pediatric massage therapy.

8 benefits from pediatric massage for babies and children

Infant massage

Curious about pediatric massage? Thinking about it for your baby? There are techniques you can learn and courses you can take to massage your baby at home. Naturally, nothing is more soothing than a mother’s loving touch. Why not explore the benefits?

Benefits for babies

For both you and baby, the benefits are numerous:

1. The massage you choose will relax or stimulate baby

  • It’s a great way to get baby ready for bed and it will help them sleep. It’s also a nice way for baby to start the day and will help them wake up happy.

2. It will strengthen the baby/parent bond

  • When you connect with your baby in this unique way, it strengthens your baby's bond with you and brings you even closer.

3. Baby will experience new sensations

  • Pediatric massage will give baby a greater tactile understanding of his or her body.

4. Massage supports the digestive process and may even help reduce colic

  • As a result, your baby will be calmer and more relaxed. You may notice not only an improvement in sleep but also in the overall mood of your baby.

Quick tips

  • Never massage a baby just after feeding or drinking.
  • Wait until the infant is at least one month old (some recommend two months) before trying a baby massage.
  • Take a course with a massage therapist specializing in pediatric and infant massage to know the proper techniques.

You can also ask a specialized therapist to massage your baby for you. This is a good opportunity to schedule a massage for yourself at the same time.

Massage for children

Have you noticed how children these days have really loaded schedules? Have you ever thought they also experience stress and anxiety? With everything going on children need to unwind and relax, too. A massage will do them good.

Benefits for children

Massage therapy can help children to:

5. Increase their ability to concentrate

6. Improve their sleep patterns

  • Massage therapy is an ideal bedtime routine.

7. Feel less irritable and hyperactive

  • Decrease irritability and hyperactivity allow for better concentration.

8. Strengthen their bond with you

  • Giving your child a massage can strengthen your relationship with him or her by providing a sense of physical relaxation, along with dedicated time together without any interruptions. What child doesn't feel special knowing mummy or daddy has set time aside to spend with them?

Spa treatment

More and more spas and health centres offer pediatric massages for children. Bringing your child to the health spa is an original idea for a parent-child activity, with the added benefit that you get to enjoy a good massage, too.

  • Just remember if your child doesn’t seem to enjoy it, don’t force him or her.
  • Some children are more modest and sensitive, and won't be comfortable getting a massage either by you or a massage therapist.

Whether you go the spa route or choose to do the massage yourself, one thing is certain: pediatric massage therapy has definite benefits for babies, children and you.

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