4 ways to keep your pet safe this Halloween

September 14, 2015

Although Halloween activities can be great fun for humans, they can be a source of stress and danger for pets. Here's how to help you keep your pet stress-free and safe during the Halloween season.

4 ways to keep your pet safe this Halloween

1. Avoid risky decorations

  • Keep Halloween decorations with electrical cords and open flames out of reach of pets.
  • A carved pumpkin that contains a lit candle is particularly risky because a pet can easily knock it over and get burned or start a fire.
  • Decorations like a string of lights or an animated character pose a risk of electrical shock if your rambunctious pet chews on the cord.

2. Remove dangerous treats

  • Chocolate and artificial sweeteners like xylitol can be lethal if ingested by your pet.
  • Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include diarrhea, seizures and vomiting.
  • Xylitol toxicity may cause your pet to suffer from a dangerous blood sugar drop, which can create a whole host of dangerous medical conditions.
  • Keep in mind that candies with plastic wrappers and sticks (like lollipops) are choking hazards and can cause obstructions in your pet's stomach.
  • One way to combat this potential problem is by keeping pet-safe treats nearby for your curious dog or cat.

3. Avoid Halloween-related anxiety

Halloween can be a stressful time for pets because of the constantly ringing doorbell and rowdy children. Help your pet avoid holiday-related stress and anxiety by keeping him confined safely inside your home and away from your front door.

  • A stressed-out dog or cat may engage in uncharacteristically naughty behaviours like growling, hissing, biting and barking. Plus, an anxious pet may try to escape from the stress by darting out the door when your back is turned.
  • As awful as it sounds, black cats are sometimes subjected to cruel, dangerous pranks during the Halloween season. If you have a black kitty, keep it indoors on Halloween and during the days leading up to the holiday.

4. Avoid dressing your pet in unsafe costumes

There's no denying that pets look adorable dressed in costume. However, before you dress up your dog or cat in a funny costume, closely examine it for dangerous choking and strangulation hazards like strings, ties, loose buttons and adornments.

  • Never leave your pet unattended while wearing a costume because it could become injured if he or she chews and ingests parts of the costume or can't move freely.

In addition to avoiding these common Halloween dangers for your pet, make sure it is wearing proper identification tags or has a microchip just in case it escapes or gets lost. This way, you can all enjoy a relaxing and safe Halloween.

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