The perfect flower arrangement for every birthday month

November 21, 2014

Did you know each month has its own birth flower? Surprise the important person in your life with a flower arrangement featuring their birth-month flower.
January: Carnation

Carnations are always plentiful and come in a multitude of colours. Red means your heart aches for the recipient. Pink means you’ll never forget them, while yellow means they have disappointed you. In other words, don’t send yellow carnations as a Happy Birthday gift.

February: Violet

Usually found in shades of blue, violets can also be yellow or cream. The blue-purple colour means that you’ll always be true, while white means “Let’s take a chance!”

March: Daffodil

These gorgeous spring-time flowers come in white, yellow, and orange. Daffodils are also the flower of the 10th wedding anniversary. Be sure to give these in a bunch, because giving a single bloom can foretell misfortune.

April: Daisy or Sweet Pea

This lucky month has two great options, but one may be more appropriate than the other for birthdays. Daisies mean “I’ll never tell,” while sweet peas mean “Goodbye.”

May: Lily

In the olden days, lilies meant that the recipient had “made life complete.” This flower can also represent happiness, humility, and sweetness.

June: Rose

Lucky June babies get roses on their birth month. Roses come in a myriad of colours but the big message is love and passion. White symbolizes innocence and purity, yellow means jealousy or decreased love, while pink desperately pleads “Please believe me!”

July: Larkspur

The larkspur means an open heart and emotional attachment. Pink represents fickleness, white means happy-go-lucky, while purple symbolizes first love.

August: Gladiolus

Often called glads or the sword lily, these late summer flowers can mean that the recipient’s heart has been “pierced with love.” Gladioli represent sincerity, strength of character, remembrance and infatuation.

September: Aster

The aster is the Greek word for “star,” which is a fitting description of this pretty flower. It comes in a variety of colours and symbolizes love, faith, and wisdom. It can also mean “take care of yourself for me.”

October: Marigold

Marigolds are the perfect flower for the onset of autumn. However, their meaning tends to be bleaker. Often associated with sympathy and sorrow, giving marigolds can mean “my thoughts are with you.” Maybe give a pumpkin instead?
November: Chrysanthemums
Also just called mums, they come in a range of colours with a variety of different meanings. Red means “I love you,” while white represents innocence and purity of love.

December: Narcissus

Narcissus is just a fancy name for the daffodil, and since March also has the daffodil as its flower, December has a few options. You could go with holly, which represents a wish for domestic happiness, or the Christmas classic poinsettia, whose message is “You’re the only one.”

The perfect flower arrangement for every birthday month
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