Picking the right dog crate for your pet

January 5, 2015

For many dog owners, finding an inviting and comfortable crate is a top priority. Follow this guide to find the perfect crate for your pet.

Types of dog crates

When choosing a dog crate, there are several types to consider:

Wire dog crates: Made entirely of wire rungs and available in various sizes, wire dog crates are a popular choice. These crates generally have one door at the front, with access through additional doors depending on the size. A removable tray that slides out for easy cleaning is often included. A wire dog crate provides ample ventilation and allows dogs to see their surroundings.

Plastic dog crates: Made of plastic with a wire door at the front and vents along the sides and back, plastic pet crates are light and portable. Although most don’t fold flat, their portability makes them a convenient option for pet travel crates. Plastic dog crates offer privacy for your pet, which can help dogs feel secure.

Other dog crates: You can also opt for a stylish wooden crate, an aluminium or metal dog crate (well suited to strong or aggressive dogs), a nylon soft dog crate or an outdoor crate made of chain links.

Factors to consider when buying a dog crate:

Dog crate sizes: Crates should be large enough for pets to stand and turn around, but not so roomy that they are tempted to soil their space. A good rule of thumb is 15 cm taller than the dog and 15 cm longer than the dog from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. Consider how much your pet may grow and get some advice on crate training. Large dog crates may come with a divider that can be used to reduce the size while your pet is still a puppy.

Security: Regardless of the size and temperament of your dog, security is important to consider. Useful security features include door locks and a locking handle that allows you to easily open and close your crate.

Transport: Think about how you’ll use your crate. If you fly often, look into airline approved dog crates. If the dog is coming in the car, a light, plastic crate may be best. If you don’t use the crate often, you may want to consider a collapsible crate.

A dog crate is an important purchase for pet owners, so choose something that is long lasting and comfortable for your dog. Consider the size of your animal, the style of the crate and any added features you may require to secure your pet.

Picking the right dog crate for your pet
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