Pizza perfection: 10 must-try Canadian pizzerias

November 14, 2016

by Julie Bruns

Ah, pizza. It seems to sneak onto everyone’s list of favourite foods, and with good reason! Of course, not all pizzas are created equal, so here’s a list of pizzerias across the nation that stand out and set the bar high. Traditional thin-crust pizzas dominate, but we’ve thrown in a couple of unique places to spice things up.

[Photo: Queen Margherita Pizza]

Pizza perfection: 10 must-try Canadian pizzerias

1. Campagnolo Roma, Vancouver

A cozy Italian-inspired nook in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood of Vancouver, Campagnolo Roma serves up delicious ‘za, from the classic Margherita, to mouth-watering slices adorned with toppings like charred scallions, arugula, seiglinde potato, garlic emulsion and more.

2. Tony’s Pizza Palace, Edmonton

For the past 30 years, Tony’s Pizza Palace has been serving up hot slices of cheesy goodness, and in that time they’ve perfected the art of the perfect pizza. With nods from critics far and wide, they’ve established their thin-crust fare as some of the best.

3. Morris East, Halifax

This remarkable pizzeria in Halifax took 3rd place in a competition at the International Pizza Expo, likely due to their refreshing (and tasty!) array of toppings, such as avocado, poached pear, fried eggs and more. Each of Morris East's unlikely ingredients are expertly matched for a delicious experience.

4. Pizzeria Libretto, Toronto

Thin crust lovers, rejoice! Pizzeria Libretto in Toronto is dedicated to getting thin, crispy crusts just right for their classic Neapolitan pizzas. Standouts include a duck confit pizza and one topped with house-made sausage, caramelized onion and chili oil.

5. Armando’s Pizza, Windsor

With their basic recipe established in 1967, Armando’s Pizza has been creating Windsor-style pizzas ever since. What’s Windsor-style, you ask? It starts with a thin-ish crust and a sweet tomato sauce, with the toppings, including shredded pepperoni, going on top of the cheese, not under it. And that cheese, by the way, is made locally by Windsor’s very own Galati Cheese Company.

6. Pizzeria Gusto, Winnipeg

Stop by this contemporary pizzeria to enjoy oven-fired pies that blend traditional techniques with fresh ingredients brought in from local Manitoba producers. Pizzeria Gusto's cozy, familiar setting will have you feeling right at home as you enjoy one of their 14 different pie varieties.

7. Queen Margherita Pizza, Toronto

With three locations in the Toronto area, QMP pleases fans with their authentic Neapolitan pies. How authentic? Their pizza oven comes directly from Naples. Try the simple namesake margherita or go for something unique like the La Scala, with sweet pork belly, asiago and arugula, among other toppings.

8. Adamo Pizza, Montreal

This casual, traditional New York-style pizzeria serves crave-worthy thin-crust pizzas by the large slice. Adamo's sizable portions ensure you won’t leave hungry, while the salty-sweet sauce and flavourful toppings satisfy your taste buds.

9. House of Georgie, Ottawa

At House of Georgie, they aren’t afraid to mix things up. And by that we mean combining pizza and gravy. Can’t be done, you say? We assure you that it’s very real. While it may not be for everyone, their fanatical following indicates that it definitely works for some people. You’ll have to try it for yourself to decide where you fall.

10. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, Canada-wide

Famoso stands out as the only real chain on our list. They’ve clearly done things right, expanding from the original Edmonton pizzeria to what is currently 29 locations serving up their deliciously traditional Neapolitan pizzas. With a Famoso more than likely near you, it’s a no-brainer to plan a visit and discover what all the fuss is about.

Crispy dough, tangy sauce, flavour-packed ingredients, what’s not to love about pizza! Whether you’re inspired to take off on a country-wide pizza hunt, or simply search for the ones closest to home, this list gives you the perfect place to start.

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