Plan the perfect Quebec City ski trip

April 1, 2015

Whether you’re looking for French-inspired chic luxury, or you enjoy the simple solitude of a mountain getaway, there's something for everyone in Quebec City. Next time you’re booking a ski trip, use this guide to help choose the right hotel accommodations for you.

Plan the perfect Quebec City ski trip


Remember that your budget needs to cover more than just the lodging itself. It includes food, transportation, entertainment, ski passes and any equipment rentals you might need.

If working within a modest budget, a hostel could be the best option for you. Recently, many hostels have updated their accommodations to include five-star bedding and in-house breakfast, while still keeping their prices low. Another option is to find a reputable motel. The best way to vet a motel is to check online reviews before booking.

Another way to keep your overall budget on the lower end is to find a hotel with an in-suite kitchenette, saving you on dining-out costs. However, because restaurant fine dining is such an integral part of Quebec City tourism, it might be trickier to find these types of suites, but they do exist.

If you have a moderate budget, booking a hotel that includes a few meals or extra amenities is worth your money. Another choice for moderate budgets is a bed-and-breakfast. You’ll get personal service, support local small-business owners, and have the comforts that usually come with staying at home.

If you have a large budget, you're free to indulge. Whether you want to rent a chateau for the weekend, or are looking for a luxury ski resort with a spa, Quebec City has every option imaginable.


Do you want lodging that’s close to shopping and activities other than skiing? Your best bet is to seek lodging within Quebec City itself. From world-class dining and local historical sites to enticing nightlife, Quebec City is a must-explore destination for those who enjoy urban life.

Do you want to be surrounded by beautiful scenery in a remote and peaceful locale?Renting a cabin outside of Quebec City would fit your desire for solitude perfectly. Whether you rent from a personal homeowner or a large camping organization, cabins come in many sizes and with several different amenities. From luxurious to minimalist, there's a private cabin to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life for every skier.

Quebec has diverse lodging choices to suit every taste. It all starts with asking yourself what you want, and what you can afford to pay. From there, you can easily find the lodging that matches your next ski trip perfectly.

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