Practical tips for choosing a baby carrier

December 17, 2014

When it comes to choosing from the huge selection of baby carriers, you’ll need some tips for picking the right one. Having a baby doesn’t mean the end of your social life. You’ll want to show off your little bundle of joy to the world, and there’s no better way to do that then with the right baby carrier. With your baby in a proper baby carrier, you can go on errands, visit relatives and head to doctor’s appointments, all while allowing you to feel the close bond between you and your baby.

Practical tips for choosing a baby carrier

Does my baby need a baby carrier?

Baby carriers are not necessary for your baby, but they do allow you to carry around your darling while freeing up your hands. That means you can do activities or household chores while baby comfortably tags along for the ride. Before you begin your search for baby carriers, make sure you follow a few tips regarding some basic weight requirements. Depending on the type of baby carrier, the minimum and maximum weight requirements will differ.

How do I choose the right one?

Every baby is different, so the perfect carrier for your bouncing baby may not be the right choice for another baby. Make sure to think about the purpose of your carrier. Will you need it every day for your morning hike? Is it to keep baby close while you’re at home? Whatever the reason, this will help guide your decision.

Classic front strap-on baby carriers

These are some of the most common baby carriers you’ll see in action. Here’s a tip for someone considering this type of baby carrier: your baby is upright and can face forward so they can explore the world, or your baby can face you while positioned in front of you. Some front carriers provide lumbar support for comfort. You also don’t need help to put this baby carrier on.

Sling or wrap carriers

This type of baby carrier is usually made of one large piece of soft fabric. The fabric may have some stretch to it to allow you to wrap your baby and keep them close to your body. These carriers are great for newborns and babies who do not have the strength to hold up their heads yet. A great tip for parents considering this kind of baby carrier is that it’s perfect for discreet breastfeeding.

Framed backpack baby carriers

This sturdy type of baby carrier is great for active parents. Your baby is kept in an upright position for the duration of your long hike or a day trip around the mall. The benefit of this carrier is that the frame helps support newborn babies who cannot hold up their own heads. The one tip for people considering this carrier is only purchase it if you will have the help of another person. This is especially important when you have a newborn to put in the carrier.

Once you've narrowed it down to the type of carrier that will suit your purpose, make sure to consider comfort for you and the baby. Think about back support if you’re going to be wearing the carrier for long periods of time. Also, try to find carriers with comfortable straps. Your baby should be comfortable and secure. Make sure to check the fit of your carrier, as your baby grows, since you will have to adjust straps or position.

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