Prefab Homes: Beyond the Buying Process

July 29, 2015

Prefabricated homes: beyond the buying process

If you've opted to buy a prefabricated home, your responsibilities don't stop after you've signed on the dotted line. Here is a general checklist of things to consider.

Prefab Homes: Beyond the Buying Process

1. Insurance

The minute a prefab home leaves the factory, it is your responsibility so make sure it is insured. The manufacturer can advise you or may offer to arrange coverage.

  • Obtain a copy of the insurance policy and find out what it covers. Some manufacturers will cover the materials until delivery to the site, but check to see if this is actually the case.
  • Materials on your site should also be insured against theft or damage. If a building firm is doing the work, make sure your property details are added to the firm's 'all-risk' insurance policy.
  • If you're doing the building work yourself, you need to arrange for appropriate insurance. An all-risk policy, which includes public liability, theft, damage and worker's compensation, is recommended.

2. Protect your investment

Before all the parts of your prefab home arrive at your home, you'll want to ensure they have a place where they can remain protected from the elements and damage. Make sure you have ready a raised storage area and a tarpaulin or similar cover made of plastic. These will allow you to keep materials off the ground and protected the weather.

3. Take the load off

It is your responsibility to make sure the materials are unloaded carefully and without damage. You should check with the manufacturer before the delivery date whether you are responsible for getting a forklift or crane, or whether the delivery truck is equipped to unload.In order to avoid the tedious task of constantly moving and restacking heavy items, try, as much as is possible, to unload materials to a position near to where they will be used. Similarly, all items that are to be used together should, if possible, be stored close together.

4. Take inventory

The manufacturer should undertake to have your prefab home materials on site at a mutually agreed upon time. Some suppliers send a company representative to go through a checklist of components with you. If it's not possible to have a company representative present, it is advisable to have an experienced person on site to help.The checklist will help you identify each item for future reference, and in case of theft, it will prove you have had the materials on the property.

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