Questions to ask potential in-home caregivers

November 3, 2015

When you're hiring an in-home caregiver, start with this list of questions to ask to find the best person who'll treat your loved one like they would their own family.

Questions to ask potential in-home caregivers

1. Questions to ask about experience

  • One of the most important questions to ask is about the candidate's work experience. An ideal answer would detail experience in helping people live independently, as well as honest and transparent communication.
  • Medical experience is also essential in case of an accident or fall.
  • Ask the candidate to provide at least two references to vouch for their experience.
  • Another important question to ask is about the candidate's greatest challenges in caregiving. You want to look for answers that detail in-depth caregiving experiences that became success stories.
  • Also ask how they plan to keep their clients active and engaged. The best answer would be to engage them in activities they already enjoy, while adding new ones regularly to stimulate and bring enjoyment and exercise.
  • Depending on the needs of your family member, you need to ask about expertise. You should explain what type of care your parents require, especially if they have any medical conditions that will need extra special attention. Ask if the candidate has any certifications as well.
  • It's also important to give the candidate a chance to ask any questions or voice any concerns. Use this as another point of evaluation based on the type of questions they ask.

2. Ask about the logistics

  • Ask the applicant if he or she is willing to undergo a trial period. Use this trial period to gauge the applicant in terms of competence, quality of care, and how well the applicant gets along with your family member. If you're working with an agency, ask if they are willing to send over a few different caregivers so that you can find the best fit. If you're working with an individual, ask if he or she is willing to sign a contract.
  • Some of the more legal questions to ask will be how the candidate plans to file taxes, are they legally able to work in Canada, if they're insured in the event that someone is injured, and if the candidate is willing to undergo a criminal background check.
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