Quick fitness tips for power-walking the right way

July 28, 2015

Power-walking is faster than a stroll, slower than a run, and an all-round good way to get some fitness-building exercise. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Quick fitness tips for power-walking the right way

Simple power-walking tips

  • Wear good running shoes, not walking shoes. Also wear synthetic sports socks that are designed to prevent blisters.
  • Start slowly, so as to warm up your muscles. A sudden start to any aerobic exercise puts you at risk of pulled muscles or other injuries.
  • Don't carry weights, and certainly don't place weights on your ankles; it will hamper your natural gait and place undue stress on your ligaments, tendons and joints.
  • Breathe normally. If you get completely out of breath, slow down or rest. You should be able to maintain a conversation as you power-walk.
  • For those new to exercise, build your routine slowly. Don't attempt long distances over steep terrain on day one of your fitness regime.

How to keep a good posture

When you power-walk, think about standing tall with your head high — as though suspended from a string. This will ensure a good, strong posture, which will lessen the likelihood of injury or muscle strain.

  • Fix your gaze on a point about eight metres (24 feet) ahead. Don't stare at your feet
  • Don't lean forward or hunch your shoulders. Hunching over in this way will put unnecessary strain on your back and hip flexors.
  • Swing your arms in a relaxed and natural way, keeping your elbows bent at a right angle and your hands loosely curled.
  • Don't elongate your stride to increase your speed. Instead, move your legs faster. Keep your steps small and even.

Work out shoe sizes around the world

When buying good footwear for your new exercise routine, don't be confused by the varied sizes that differ from country to country.

  • For example, footwear is sized differently in Europe than it is here in North America. If you're usually an eight, ask a salesperson to help you find the right size to help ensure that you get the right fit.

Power-walking is an excellent hobby that can help you stay in shape. Consider these quick tips before you get started, and power-walk the right way.

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