Quick-fix tip: sprucing up an old sink with a new faucet

November 26, 2014

Freshening up the look of a bathroom or kitchen needn't cost a lot. It's as easy as sprucing up an old sink by adding a shiny new faucet.

Quick-fix tip: sprucing up an old sink with a new faucet

What to consider

For the homeowner who wants to replace a worn and dulled faucet, the first stop should be at a home renovation centre. Here are some things to remember before you buy:

  • Take measurements and snap photos of your faucet and sink before you go shopping.
  • There are many new models of faucets that are elegant and also functional. They can also help conserve water and prevent waste, which saves you more money on your utilities bill.
  • Once you've found the faucet model you want, read about the warranty and installation process. Are you able to do it yourself?
  • Ensure the faucet matches the decor of the room where you plan to install it.
  • The latest trend in faucets are those with nickel finishes and polished chrome. These are available in both vintage and modern styles.


Because there are so many choices of faucets, selecting the right one can be difficult.

  • Speak to a professional designer or renovation expert regarding a faucet's functionality and how easy it is to install. The wrong faucet style can ruin your plans, so find a fixture that complements your bathroom/kitchen decor.

You will also want to select a faucet that has features you'll use:

  • There are faucets that can be pulled down, pulled up, and some that are touchless (or have motion sensors).
  • If you have a busy home and are in the kitchen all the time, think about an industrial kitchen faucet.
  • For best quality, ensure the valve used in a faucet is ceramic. They're less susceptible to leaks with advanced age.
  • The latest faucet models also come with a pause function. This feature automatically stops the water from running when youre not using it.

What is recommended?

Experts in the plumbing industry recommend modern stainless-steel faucets. Why? They're easy to clean, install and last long.

  • Other styles of faucets that are also recommended include the rustic and sleek-looking European makes.
  • These European faucets are popular in antique kitchens and bathrooms with black tile floors. If you have a traditional home, go with hanging bronze faucets.


Once you've selected your faucet, the next step is installation. In general:

  • Most faucets can be installed by the homeowner as long as you have some skill and the right tools. Most come with installation instructions in the box. If you have neither the know-how or tools, call a professional!

Sprucing up a sink with a new faucet is an easy and inexpensive way to refresh the look of a room. Not only are new faucets environmentally friendly, but they can also help you save money on hot water bills.

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