Quick 'n easy DIY hair care products

June 30, 2015

Who needs fancy, expensive shampoos and conditioners when you can make your own with items from your kitchen!

Quick 'n easy DIY hair care products

To make your own dry shampoo

Find yourself with no time to wash your hair? Or, are you caring for someone who has a hard time getting into a shower or bath? A dry shampoo will do the job.

  1. Take 15 grams (one tablespoon) of cornstarch and sprinkle the powder into the hair.
  2. Massage it in section by section and comb out any tangles.
  3. Brush well to remove all the powder, stopping often to shake out the brush. The powder absorbs dirt and excess oil, leaving hair clean and shiny.

To make your own revitalizing conditioner

Give drab hair new life with this luscious conditioner — made with only two ingredients: avocado and coconut milk.

  1. Take half of a ripe avocado, scoop out the fruit and mash until smooth.
  2. Slowly stir in 50 millilitres (0.25 cup) of coconut milk. The mixture should look like a thick gel; add more of the milk as needed.
  3. Work all of the mixture into your hair, then comb smooth.
  4. Wait 10–15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Your hair should feel thicker and look richer.

For shinier, smoother, easier to manage hair

Your hair lost its lustre, so you switched shampoos; that helped for a while, but now it's returned to dullsville. The reason? Buildup of the residue left by shampoo and other products. Vinegar will safely remove the residue and restore your hair's natural acidic pH balance, leaving it shinier, smoother and easier to manage.

  1. In a jar, mix 30 to 45 millilitres (two to three tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar with 250 to 500 millilitres (one to two cups) of water.
  2. Shampoo your hair as usual and rinse.
  3. Shake the vinegar solution and use it as a final rinse. Any vinegar smell will disappear as soon as your hair dries.

You'll never again complain about your brand of shampoo and conditioner not doing its job because now you can make your very own— and the results will be shining!

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