Real estate rental agencies serve both owners and tenants

October 15, 2014

Did you know that real estate agencies offer rentals, too? A real estate agent can help you find a home to live in if you don’t want to become a homeowner. You can also rent a turnkey home through an agency if you need a place that’s already furnished and ready to welcome you. If you are looking for a commercial space or have one to rent out, a realtor can help you there, too.

Real estate rental agencies serve both owners and tenants

Why deal with a real estate rental agency?

A realtor can help you avoid many of the hassles of searching for or renting out a property. If you’re a rental owner, a real estate agent can find prospective tenants. The same goes for tenants; a licensed real estate broker can act as an intermediary between you and the landlord.

Made-to-measure service

On behalf of owners, a real estate rental agency can:

  • assess the rental value of your property
  • advertise the rental by publishing photos and descriptions of it online or in print publications
  • manage requests for information and arrange visits to the property
  • negotiate with prospective tenants
  • do credit and reference checks on tenants
  • prepare the lease

Some real estate rental agencies also do all the property management, which means they:

  • collect monthly rent payments
  • organize incoming and outgoing tenants, and inspect the condition of the premises
  • organize housekeeping
  • manage monthly and annual income reporting

An impressive portfolio

Property rental agencies represent the owners of residential, commercial and industrial spaces that are for rent on the short- or long term. That’s why if you’re a tenant, a realtor can help you save a lot of time; one phone call can put you in touch with a big network of possibilities. A merchant or business person looking for a strategic commercial location can ask a realtor to help them find a converted industrial building, warehouse or storefront property.

A few clicks away

These days, rental agencies commonly use the Web to post their rental properties. With a few clicks you can browse photos, data sheets and prices to find the rental you need. It’s never been easier.

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