Got $200? Use it to upgrade your bathroom in one weekend

November 6, 2014

Sprucing up your bathroom doesn't have to be a long, expensive project. Improve that tired, worn space in just two days with these affordable and effective redesign tips.

Got $200? Use it to upgrade your bathroom in one weekend

Update storage units

Many bathrooms suffer from a lack of storage space. Fortunately, there are dozens of beautiful and inexpensive storage units available to fix that issue while simultaneously brightening up the space. If there are cosmetic bottles and toothpaste tubes cluttering up the space around your sink, try a simple over-the-toilet storage shelving or install a wall-mounted cabinet — or both. Choose an appealing colour and feature it with new bath and hand towels. The units will help clear the clutter and act as a focal point in the designed space.

Temporary vinyl wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is a fantastic option for the bathroom for two reasons: it's water-resistant and easy to replace later on. Just a few rolls of vinyl wallpaper can cover an entire section of wall that may be stained with water, mould and makeup. Fun and elegant prints are available in many colours, so you can let your creativity take over. Whether you want zebra stripes or wallpaper that looks like finely arranged tiles, you can find what you're looking for in most home design stores.

New faucets and door handles

Another simple way to add shine and appeal to your bathroom is to replace the faucets, door handles and cabinet handles. All of these are available in retail home decor and hardware locations as well as online, so you can take your time choosing exactly the right design. Match everything together or choose colourful handles for the cabinets and shiny chrome fixtures for the sink and bathtub.


Ceilings and walls can get grungy in any bathroom. When bleach just isn't cutting it any more, it's time to put on a fresh coat of paint. White is everyone's go-to colour because it makes surfaces seem bright, fresh and clean—but feel free to accent your bathroom with whatever paint colour works best with your revamped design.

Spend the weekend building your storage units, putting up a few sheets of wallpaper and replacing fixtures, and you'll have a fresh bathroom you actually want to bathe in. Keep your eyes open for inexpensive accent pieces that you can add to the space over time and you'll prolong the life of the renovated room significantly.

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