8 relaxing bath beauty products to try now

April 18, 2015

Unwind after a long day with a soothing and revitalizing bath. Here are some things to consider when purchasing the right bath beauty products for you.

8 relaxing bath beauty products to try now

Types of bath and body products

Create your own spa-like experience with different types of bath products.

Bubble bath: After a long day, take a relaxing bath filled with rejuvenating and moisturizing bubbles. Some create foam, which makes bath time fun for kids and adults alike.

Bath salt: Bath salts combine sea salts (mostly Epsom salts) and fragrant oils for a more gentle wash. They’re designed to dissolve in hot tub water or scrub into the skin during a shower.

Bath bombs: Make bath time special by using bath bombs. Designed to give off bubbles when wet, a bath bomb explodes with added essential oils, scents and relaxing colours.

Bath oil: Add to a warm bath as warm water opens the pores, ensuring that your skin absorbs the nutrients and nourishment in bath oils. Contains essential oils and is commonly scented with lavender, roses and even citrus oils.

Body scrub: Most scrubs are natural exfoliants. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin rejuvenated and glowing. Unlike body wash and gel, an exfoliant has a somewhat grainy texture.

Body wash/shower gel: Both are used for cleaning purposes. Apply small sized drops into a loofa or sponge and work into a lather during a shower. Not only leaves you clean, but smelling great.

Body moisturizer: Also known as body lotion, it is used after bathing to moisturize the skin and cure dryness. Different formulas are available for body, face and hands.

Body butter: Helps improve skin wellness and contains aromatherapy benefits. Common body butters are made from Shea butter, lavender oils and coconut oils. The butter-like creams are easy to smooth over the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Factors to consider when buying bath products

There are many bath beauty products out there that come with different essential oils and scents. Base your decision on the following factors:

Skin type: The choice of bath products depends on the individual’s skin type. Products are aimed at four common skin types: normal, oily, combination and dry. Normal skin indicates few imperfections or sensitivities and only needs a general form of wash and moisturizer. Take the time to determine your own skin type and look for products that are specifically designed to treat that type.

Sensitivity: Some people may be sensitive to chemicals and preservatives in many body washes and moisturizers. Look for hypoallergenic or organic and chemical-free products if you have sensitive skin.

Scent: Most body wash products come with various fragrances and some are fragrance-free.

Feel fresh and clean with bath products that leave your skin glowing and smelling great. Take a break and enjoy a little time to yourself with a relaxing bath. Go on, you deserve it.

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