Resolve wardrobe malfunctions with these 5 fixes

October 9, 2015

Having a wardrobe difficulty? That's OK: there are plenty of crafty solutions that can fix up annoying or embarrassing problems. We'll go over 5 useful tips that cover everything from sewing a patch to removing a stain.

Resolve wardrobe malfunctions with these 5 fixes

1. Always carry double-sided tape

Slip a few strips of double-sided tape into your purse for use in emergencies. Originally devised for keeping toupees in place, a bit of tape with adhesive on both sides will get you out of any number of dilemmas.

  • If your cleavage is hanging out of your blouse, a couple of strips of double-sided tape will keep your exposure to a minimum.
  • If a button pops off or a hem falls apart, you can use the tape to secure your clothing until you can have it mended.
  • If you have to wear a new pair of pants but you haven't had time to hem the cuff yet, two-sided tape can rescue you here as well.
  • You can buy double-sided tape at beauty-supply stores, drugstores, costume houses, wig shops, or in the lingerie sections at department stores.

2. Steam that shine away

If you've ironed your dark pants and find embarrassing shiny spots on the fabric, don't fret. These spots aren't unusual, especially if your garment is made of a wool blend. Here's the cure:

  • Mix 30 millilitres (two tablespoons) of distilled white vinegar with 150 millilitres (2/3 cup) of water. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and blot it onto the shiny spots. Then, fire up your steam iron and pass it about seven centimetres (a few inches) above the fabric.
  • The steam will help the vinegar break up the shine. Hang the garment to dry, and it's ready to wear.

3. Race against the spot

  • The more quickly you treat a stain, the better your chances are of removing it.
  • If at all possible, take the garment off immediately and blot at the stain with a paper towel or a clean cloth and try to remove as much of the stain as you can. Then either squirt laundry pretreatment onto the spot and wash it or take it straight to a dry cleaner.
  • Remember that heat (like time) will work against you. Never put a stained garment in the dryer and never store it in a warm area.

4. Blot your stains

Have you ever seen a restaurant patron take a napkin and rub furiously at a stain on their shirt? Big mistake. Rubbing at a stain will only damage the fabric. Instead, moisten the napkin with water and blot at the stain to draw it off. Many people swear by using club soda this way, as the bubbling provides assistance in releasing some new stains.

5. Staple that patch

While you may begin sewing a patch thinking that it's perfectly situated, they often end up slightly off-kilter by the time you've finished. To keep your patch even, just staple it where you want it, then sew the edges down. When you're done, use a staple remover to straighten the prongs of the staple and pull it out of the fabric.

By treating your clothes properly and using these tips to resolve any issues, you can keep your treasured items wearable for longer. You'll save money on clothing and be able to cherish your favourite pieces.

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