Ride safer with these 4 motorcycle passenger tips

November 3, 2015

Owning a motorcycle can bring a lot of joy to your life. It's a fun way to travel and a cool toy to show off, especially to a passenger.  Here are some tips for keeping a passenger safe on your motorcycle.

Ride safer with these 4 motorcycle passenger tips

1. Take a safety course

  • Many driving instructing companies offer courses on motorcycle safety.
  • These cover all kinds of motorcycle issues to help you become a safe driver. One is how to protect a passenger who is riding with you.
  • You should also start by practicing riding with a passenger at slow speeds in low-traffic areas.

2. Follow the guidelines

  • Most motorcycle driving permits don't allow you to travel with a passenger on your bike. You usually need a full motorcycle license in order to do so.
  • Learn what the local rules and restrictions are in your city. Be sure that you're following the law at all times.
  • Make sure that you have a motorcycle that's equipped to carry more than one person. You need a seat big enough for two and extra foot pegs.

3. Educate the passenger

  • The passenger should be informed of motorcycle safety in order to keep themselves safe.
  • Passengers must be tall enough to reach the footrests. Feet must stay on the footrests at all times.
  • Legs should never touch the muffler as it gets very hot.
  • Everyone should always wear a helmet, jacket and other protective gear that covers their skin.
  • Passengers must hold onto the driver's waist or grab the passenger handholds if there are any.

4. Drive carefully

  • You should always drive carefully on your motorcycle, but exercise extra caution when you're travelling with a passenger.
  • You should allow more time and space for passing.
  • Be extra cautious when turning. The weight will be distributed differently on your motorcycle, so you'll want to get familiar with how your bike handles with an extra person.
  • Brake slowly so that your passenger isn't thrown against you. The rear brake will be stronger with extra weight on it.

Riding a motorcycle with an extra passenger means that it's your responsibility to educate them and yourself about safety precautions. It will keep you both safe you so can enjoy the ride.

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