7 room decor ideas to make your small spaces seem bigger

With just a few simple room decor ideas, you can give your small spaces the illusion of being much larger.

7 room decor ideas to make your small spaces seem bigger

1. Opt for creative storage

One of the biggest issues with small spaces is usually storage. Create unique storage in your small space by installing cubbies beneath beds or building bookshelves into staircases. You can add wall shelves, or opt for furniture that has hidden storage.

Drawers in your bed frame can also be a lifesaver. Not only will you create more storage for yourself this way, but you won't have to clutter your small space with tons of furniture to hold all of your things. Empty space gives the illusion of more space.

2. Experiment with surfaces

Different surfaces can help fake the look of more space. Glass, acrylic and Lucite are great choices for tables and counters. They allow the eye to travel through their clear and reflective surfaces, making everything seem longer and wider.

3. Look for different shapes

If your kitchen or dining room is too small for a rectangular table, opt for shapes that are both functional and space-saving. For example, a circular table will allow for more seating while also taking up less space in the room. Leaving more empty space around the table will make the room look less cramped.

4. Double-duty decor

Create areas that are multifunctional in tight spaces. For example, a pull-out couch or banquette can be used for seating or as a guest bed. Because they are concealed within your furniture, they don't add more clutter. In a small space, it's important to avoid too much clutter, which can make the room appear smaller.

5. Vertical lines

When it comes to creating space, don’t forget the value of height. Double-height cabinets provide maximum storage and draw the eye upwards. This distracts from the limited space below. Using tall furniture also draws the eye towards the ceiling.

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Reflection is one of the best tricks for creating the illusion of space. A mirrored wall opens up a space immediately with its reflective surface. You can also try facing large mirrors across from one another. One mirror is enough to expand the perceived depth of the room but two doubles the amplification.

7. Choose soft colours

Using light colours opens up a space immediately. Dark colours can shrink the appearance of the room. Use colour to further create more space by painting crown moldings to match the ceiling. This will widen a narrow room. Painting both the ceiling and crown molding white will create the illusion of width. Cool colours will make the walls recede.

With smart room decor ideas like opting for small, double-duty items, light colours and lengthening pieces, you can turn your small space into a fully functional one that appears much bigger than it really is.

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